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Colorado Coronavirus Updates: What You Need To Know Today

the coronavirus situation inside elder care, assisted living and independent living facilities this afternoon. For the first time, people with family members living at these facilities (and others) can search the state’s record of how many people have been infected and died from COVID-19.

The number of deaths is higher than previously known, and this Denver News is the first time we’ve gotten a snapshot of how many workers have tested positive for COVID-19 inside rehabilitation, elder care and independent living facilities and group homes.

According to the data released by the state, as many as 176 people have died of COVID-19 in Colorado in these facilities. Of those, 137 cases are confirmed. The others are deaths probably related to COVID-19. It’s likely these numbers will rise, since 632 people have tested positive or have probable cases of the new coronavirus in these facilities.

Since we and other news outlets started calling county health departments and elder care facilities directly in the past few weeks, we’ve known these facilities have been hotspots for the virus to spread. Generally, the respiratory disease is particularly serious among the elderly. 

Today’s data is particularly illuminating with regard to the staff at these facilities. 510 staff members have either tested positive for COVID-19 or have probable positive cases that have not been confirmed by labs. Fortunately, according to the state’s data, none of those workers has died.

Today’s information release also includes information about known Press Release Distribution Service In Denver positive cases and deaths at two meatpacking facilities — the JBS plant in Greeley and a Cargill facility in Fort Morgan. 102 employees at the JBS plant in Greeley have now tested positive for COVID-19 and four have died of the disease.

Previously, two were known to have died and 14 were said to have been hospitalized. Cargill had previously acknowledged that some workers at the plant had tested positive for COVID-19, but Wednesday’s release from the state had the first known mention of a death among workers there.

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