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Coronavirus in Colorado, April 20: A look at the latest updates on COVID-19

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis is giving an update on the novel coronavirus in Colorado in a news conference on Monday afternoon. It can be seen below

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock gave an update on the novel coronavirus in the city Monday morning. You can watch the replay below.

On Sunday, the latest coronavirus case count stood at Denver News 422 confirmed deaths with 1,813 total people hospitalized over the last month.

Remember, all Coloradans have been asked to wear non-medical masks when outside their homes to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Want to know how to make one? There’s plenty of ideas floating around in our coronavirus-focused Facebook group.

We are also looking to hear from you. Tell us what the coronavirus outbreak looks like for you and submit your story here.

Throughout the day, we will share the latest coverage from Denver Post journalists on the coronavirus outbreak on this page. Also, bear in mind The Denver Post Press Release Distribution Service in Denver relies on support from its readers to provide this in-depth coverage of the coronavirus outbreak, so please consider buying a subscription if you haven’t already.

Here are the updates from April 19.


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