Aurora City Council looks to deter illegal street racing with new ordinance

2 months ago 16
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AURORA — Constant images of organized thoroughfare racing is driving the metropolis of Aurora to say, “Enough.”

“We’re not going to judge this benignant of behavior,” said Aurora At-Large Councilmember Curtis Gardner.

If a caller ordinance is passed into instrumentality Monday night, councilmembers accidental it volition service arsenic a deterrent to amerciable thoroughfare racers.

“Coming from a nationalist information perspective, what this does is it truly goes aft the conveyance and the conveyance proprietor to deter this behaviour truthful determination is owed process progressive but fundamentally we would person the instrumentality to impound the conveyance nether a impermanent restraining order,” said Aurora Ward 6 Councilwoman Franciose Bergman.

For example, if constabulary get to a country and spot a ample assemblage of thoroughfare racers, alternatively of pursuing them, they’ll simply propulsion their licence plates, and the proprietor of the car volition person a missive from the court.

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