Back with Broncos on one-year deal, Kareem Jackson, 33, says he has “a lot” of football left to play

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For 8 days successful March, Kareem Jackson was a erstwhile Broncos information … and past helium became a existent Broncos safety.

Jackson’s declaration enactment was declined March 15; helium would person counted $13.8 cardinal toward the wage cap. He surveyed the information market, but returned to the Broncos connected March 23 via a one-year, $5 cardinal deal.

Why return?

“There’s a large radical of guys present and it’s a peculiar strategy I similar to play in,” Jackson said aft Saturday’s grooming campy signifier successful his archetypal comments since re-signing. “It was cardinal to maine being successful a large strategy and I’m comfy being present the past 2 years.”

And determination was 1 different reason.

“I didn’t privation to move,” Jackson said. “Moving is simply a headache and picking up and going to different metropolis is not thing I was acceptable to do.”

Coach Vic Fangio said helium was “confident” Jackson would stay with the Broncos aft the enactment was declined.

“But ultimately, it was going to beryllium up to him,” Fangio said. “I wasn’t definite however it was going to crook out.”

It turned retired good for the Broncos, whose secondary overhaul could beryllium exclusive to the cornerback presumption (Ronald Darby, Kyle Fuller and Pat Surtain II). Had Jackson not returned, Paton and Co., whitethorn person been forced to draught a second-round information who could commencement instantly alternatively of moving backmost Javonte Williams.

Last year, Jackson played 1,083 snaps and had 89 tackles (nine missed tackles) and 1 interception. At 33, helium is the oldest subordinate connected the Broncos’ roster.

“I inactive consciousness beauteous young though my property whitethorn not accidental it erstwhile it comes to football,” helium said. “My assemblage feels good. I’m moving astir truly good and it’s conscionable a substance of maine staying connected apical of my assemblage erstwhile it comes to being connected the tract and my regular preparation.”

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