Best Online Tarot Readings: Trusted Tarot Card Reading Sites of 2021

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Since past times, radical person longed to cognize what the aboriginal holds for them. They consult oracles and soothsayers to usher them successful their regular lives.

Be it a career, finance, household life, health, oregon idiosyncratic relationship, everyone is hopeless to cognize they are connected the way to success. Tarot cards are a fashionable means of divination to marque the chartless known to you.

Regular visits to tarot paper readers were rather communal among the elite successful the 15th century, making the battalion of cards primitively meant for playing games a fashionable means of divination by the 17th century.

With the onset of the internet, online tarot paper reading has go highly fashionable among radical anxious to consult an online scholar to dispel immoderate doubts oregon get guidelines portion making important decisions.

And, with waves of the caller pandemic, the tarot platform has go a lifeline for truthful many. An online tarot speechmaking league volition assistance you look the uncertain aboriginal with confidence.

Top Online Tarot Card Reading Sites of 2021 [Full Reviews]

#1. Kasamba: Best For Life Decisions Overall

#2. Keen: Most Accurate Predictions and Best Trial (10mins for $1.99)

#3. AskNow: Best for Love Readings

#1. Kasamba – Best Overall Tarot Reading Site

If you privation dependable tarot speechmaking online, Kasamba is the tract for you. Rated highly connected the popularity charts, it is the champion online tarot speechmaking tract of 2021 with the maximum escaped minutes. With arsenic galore arsenic 3 cardinal clients gathered implicit the past 2 decades, Kasamba reaches retired to its faithful followers with close insights into their lives and their past, present, and aboriginal implicit emails and online chats.


You get 3 afloat minutes escaped with each caller psychic scholar 24/7.
Advisors person elaborate profiles, making it easier for you to take a suitable one.
A caller idiosyncratic gets a 50% discount connected the archetypal session.
Astrology, tarot numerology, and fortune-telling readings are strikingly accurate.


  • Psychics rated with 5 stars, arsenic they are genuinely gifted
  • A sheet of implicit 100 imagination analysts, 200 fortune-tellers, Chinese and Vedic astrology are astatine your disposal
  • Three escaped chat minutes with each caller psychic is the USP
  • If not satisfied with your archetypal reading, you get a afloat refund, nary questions asked
  • Wide scope of services connected offer
  • Under the “More” tab, services similar thenar readings, numerology, occult graphology, Kabbalah, past beingness readings, caller property spirituality, eastbound philosophy, and representation readings are besides connected offer


  • No enactment for a video chat oregon reading
  • Filtering options permission a batch to beryllium desired
  • Kasamba’s champion psychics are expensive

Why Choose Kasamba?

Kasamba has lived up to its estimation of giving close predictions and advice. It has maintained a dependable clientele, with its idiosyncratic basal increasing implicit 20 years. Not galore psychic platforms person specified a varied scope of online services. Its tarot paper readings are among the best, and the readers and advisors are star-rated with transparent profiles to assistance you take the champion enactment according to your requirements. You besides bask 50% disconnected connected your archetypal reading.

#2. Keen – Most Accurate Predictions

Keen has been astir since 1999, with its psychics providing close tarot predictions. It has an fantabulous database of talented tarot readers and is precise peculiar astir which psychics are determination connected its panel.

Signing up is easy. All you person to bash is registry for a escaped account. However, you volition request to enactment wealth successful the relationship to link with immoderate advisor. With Keen, you tin filter by price, benignant of reading, and lawsuit ratings to get a suitable reader. It volition instrumentality time, arsenic determination are truthful galore psychic profiles to browse through. Once you person recovered the advisor of your choice, you tin interaction them via chat oregon telephone call.


  • Though Keen is said to connection 24/7 services, the advisor you person selected whitethorn not beryllium disposable astatine that time. Keen has an assignment oregon call-back work wherever you tin petition a call-back oregon hole an assignment astatine a convenient time.
  • You person a prime betwixt telephone speechmaking and online chat.
  • The hunt diagnostic makes it easier to look for suitable psychics. You conscionable person to benignant their sanction successful the hunt conception and interaction the psychic.
  • There are galore articles astir psychic practices and spirits with proposal connected tarot and astrology.
  • Keen offers assorted services to cater to the needs of antithetic people. These see psychic readings, astrological readings, spiritual readings, emotion and relationships, and overmuch more.


  • Cheapest psychic tract wherever caller members person 2 options: the archetypal 3 minutes escaped oregon wage conscionable $1.99 for 10 minutes of consultation
  • App helps you to cheque readings connected the go
  • 100% backstage and confidential


  • No video readings option
  • Advisors pass lone successful English

Why Choose Keen?

It has implicit 1,700 online psychics to take from, and the fantabulous filtering options marque it casual for the idiosyncratic to marque the close choice. With the wide scope of services connected offer, you tin beryllium assured of an extraordinary psychic experience to assistance you advancement successful love, career, oregon immoderate large determination that tin interaction your future.

#3. AskNow – Best Value For Love Readings

Calling itself the nation’s premium psychic network, AskNow has been determination for astir 3 decades. It has created a loyal lawsuit basal with its trusted psychic services and online tarot paper readings.


  • AskNow promises to recognition unsatisfied users’ accounts for up to 5 minutes truthful they tin look for different advisor much suited to their needs.
  • Highly qualified experts are disposable 24/7. You tin scope retired to them from crossed the state astatine immoderate clip implicit the telephone oregon online chat for proposal connected love, romance, finance, oregon career.
  • Once you find a psychic, you tin telephone oregon chat with them if they are available, oregon you tin inquire for a telephone backmost if they are engaged oregon away. You tin besides docket an appointment.
  • You volition request to registry to publication a session. The tract leads you to a leafage erstwhile you docket an appointment, and you volition request a recognition paper to registry for the proceedings offer.
  • AskNow readings are successful 9 main categories: Love & Relationship, Money & Finance, Career & Goals, Past Lives, Spiritual Guides, Tarot Readers, Numerology, and Dream Analysis.


  • Many introductory packages for caller clients
  • Website is precise user-friendly
  • App available


  • Elite oregon maestro advisors are precise expensive
  • Many customers person complained of being overcharged connected their recognition cards
  • Some person complained that the email answers they are sent are much oregon little similar

Why Choose AskNow?

The strict screening process ensures high-quality psychics and readers dedicated to helping you get insights and lick your problems. With close readings changing galore lives for the amended and the committedness to support discretion and confidentiality, AskNow is an charismatic proposition for you.

#4. Oranum – Live Video Readings

The archetypal happening that strikes you portion checking retired Oranum’s website is its funky layout, which is starkly antithetic from different psychic websites. High connected design, photographs, and videos, determination is not overmuch by mode of constitute ups astir the services it offers. Instead, it lets the scores of visuals bash each of the talking. Said to beryllium 1 of the world’s largest spiritual communities, its unrecorded specialists are dedicated to fulfilling their ngo to “provide spiritual assistance to radical successful need.” They purpose to bring past cognition to the integer age.


  • The psychics connection readings to supply comfortableness successful matters of love, career, family, home, and wide life, making it 1 of the champion psychic speechmaking sites.
  • New users get a ten-minute escaped speechmaking window.
  • Psychics are contiguous crossed each clip zones astatine each hours.
  • The pricing strategy is credit-based, successful which you person to bargain credits and not clip connected a per-minute basis.


  • Psychics and readers are good versed successful English and much than 1 Continental language
  • Separate conception is devoted to answering hard-pressed questions plaguing you
  • Psychics excel successful dealing with love, finance, and the decease of a loved one
  • Dream interpretations assistance you marque consciousness of your dreams
  • The accidental to witnesser unrecorded readings sets Oranum isolated from the rest


  • Ten minutes of escaped chat with immoderate of the online psychics; however, if you bash not halt the speechmaking astatine the ten-minute mark, you volition beryllium charged
  • Too galore psychics to take from
  • Some of the psychics connected this level springiness precise wide readings
  • Only chat and video streaming options are available
  • User reviews are not precise flattering

Why Choose Oranum?

If you similar a video speechmaking alternatively of a telephone oregon substance reading, Oranum volition enactment for you. Detailed accusation connected each psychic tin assistance you take the scholar who tin conscionable your needs. Its unsocial unrecorded broadcasting services and the information you get $9.99 successful escaped credits conscionable for registering connected the tract is what makes it truthful attractive.

#5. Mysticsense – Free Tarot Reading for Five Minutes

Mysticsense has a wide scope of services connected offer, including tarot, astrology, love, and spiritual readings. Available 7 days a week, adjacent connected holidays, it is considered to beryllium 1 of the champion online services to usher you portion making large beingness decisions.


  • The archetypal 5 minutes are free. So, each you request to bash is motion up, capable successful the details successful the required fields successful the form, and commencement chatting with an advisor.
  • A psychic speechmaking tin beryllium tailored to conscionable your circumstantial needs.
  • A wide scope of tarot paper readers with antithetic expertise guides you done troubled waters to springiness you clarity.
  • You tin click connected the profiles of the advisors and readers to cognize them better. There are reviews from erstwhile customers for amended understanding.
  • The hunt diagnostic makes it easier for users to find suitable psychics online.
  • It has an extended conception featuring articles astir antithetic psychic practices.


  • Readings are lone $1 per minute
  • Powerful filter volition assistance you spell done the lists and profiles of readers quickly
  • Video readings available
  • A psychic is ever disposable successful the user’s section time
  • The “What is simply a psychic reading” leafage tin assistance you debar scams
  • Over 80 specially trained grief counselors to assistance you header with the nonaccomplishment of a beloved one
  • Dedicated conception for LGBTQ+ relationships, with implicit 230 psychics
  • All idiosyncratic accusation stays backstage and secure
  • If you are unhappy with Mysticsense, you tin interaction its lawsuit enactment to get a afloat refund
  • Numerous filters, including “affairs” and “toxic relationships,” with dedicated psychics for each contented offered


  • Does not person a mobile app

Why Choose Mysticsense?

With affordable rates, highly recommended psychics, transparency, and a wide assortment of speechmaking choices, Mysticsense is simply a bully psychic speechmaking site. A well-planned FAQs and assistance sections enactment successful their favor. It besides provides one-time refunds for readings up to 20 minutes if you are unhappy with the reading. Applicants for psychics are thoroughly checked and vetted earlier they are allowed connected board. Periodic checks are done to spot if standards and prime are being maintained.

Getting connected the Right Track With Tarot Reading

With scores of tarot paper speechmaking sites retired there, it whitethorn beryllium a alternatively daunting task to sift done them and determine which 1 volition springiness you the champion worth for your clip and money.

Worry not, for we person streamlined the process and zeroed successful connected the 5 champion paper speechmaking platforms for you. We person worked our mode done countless websites, speechmaking each of the testimonials of their clients.

Moreover, we adjacent tried them ourselves to cheque however close the readers and their readings are.

Our Parameters for the Checklist

Number of years clocked by the site: The longer the tract has been around, the much unchangeable and reliable it is.

Testimonials from clients: Testimonials from satisfied clients spell a agelong mode successful determining which tract is the best.

Hassle-free sign-up process: Most websites person straightforward sign-up formalities, but beryllium cautious not to springiness distant excessively overmuch information.

Security of idiosyncratic information: This is precise important, arsenic galore sites merchantability the info to third-party clients astatine a premium.

Freebies and discounts: Check however galore escaped minutes are contained successful introductory offers and whether determination are discounts for caller and existing members.

So, beryllium back, relax, and cogwheel up for the champion psychic acquisition of this twelvemonth with the champion tarot speechmaking online sites connected offer.

A Beginner’s Guide to Online Tarot Card Reading

For those who are taking babe steps into the satellite of psychics and tarot cards, you archetypal request to cognize what these cards are each astir and what you are getting into.

What are tarot cards?
Tarot cards are a battalion of playing cards utilized since the mediate of the 15th period crossed Europe to play games similar French Tarot, Italian Tarocchini, and Austrian Konigrufen. Towards the precocious 18th century, immoderate tarot decks started being utilized for divination and occult purposes.

Tarot paper readings
In a tarot paper reading, readers tin usage the cards to get penetration into the past, present, and future. A question is asked, and cards are drawn and interpreted.

Tarot paper decks
Tarot experts often person specially made decks, each of which varies depending connected the preferences and specialty of the reader. However, they each enactment successful the aforesaid way. A regular tarot platform has 78 cards divided into 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana.

The Major Arcana cards basal for a important unit that indispensable beryllium taken earnestly erstwhile it appears successful divination.

Some Major Arcana cards are:

  • The Lovers
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • The Magician
  • The High Priestess
  • The Emperor
  • The Empress
  • The Chariot
  • The Hanged Man
  • Death
  • The Fool
  • The Hermit

Minor Arcana cards

Minor Arcana cards are divided into 4 suits of 14 cards each, successful which 10 are numbered cards, and 4 are tribunal cards. The 4 suits are Wands, Pentacles oregon Coins, Cups, and Swords. The tribunal cards are King, Queen, Knight, and Jack successful each of the tarot suits. Each suite has its wide meaning, and each paper has its ain connection successful divination. Minor Arcana stands for the much impermanent forces successful your beingness close now, similar love, prosperity, change, and resilience.

For skilled readers, each tarot paper is simply a proposition alternatively than a fact. So, it is important to stay open-minded astir their meaning.

Different types of tarot paper readings

There are six astir communal tarot spreads utilized for readings:

  • The Love Spread
  • The Success Spread
  • The Celtic Cross Spread
  • The Career Path Spread
  • The Three Card Spread
  • The Spiritual Spread
  • The Love Spread

This six-card dispersed helps you measure your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual connections with your partner. It tin archer you however beardown and blessed you are, and what you tin bash to amended your narration oregon instrumentality it to the adjacent level.

  • The Success Spread

This five-card dispersed is utilized erstwhile you are facing hardships oregon obstacles successful your life. It tin constituent you successful the close absorption to woody with a problem, and it tin assistance you to lick the occupation and flooded the challenges you are facing. It tin besides pass you astir a coming catastrophe successful your beingness and however to hole for it.

  • The Celtic Cross Spread

This ten-card dispersed is perfect for dealing with intricate situations, helping the scholar recognize the afloat extent of the occupation and the champion mode to woody with it.

  • The Career Path Spread

This seven-card dispersed helps you woody with the challenges successful your nonrecreational life. It whitethorn see ‘how to get that rise oregon promotion’, ‘whether the occupation you are successful present is the close 1 for you’, oregon ‘what different vocation choices are favorable for you’.

  • The Three Card Spread

This is the simplest and the astir utile spread, arsenic it has lone 3 cards. It is besides 1 of the astir almighty spreads, arsenic it tin springiness you punctual answers for thing you privation to cognize oregon find out.

  • The Spiritual Spread

This eight-card dispersed helps erstwhile you are plagued by spiritual issues. It addresses your innermost fears and worries and however you tin determination guardant connected your spiritual journey.

Staying Safe and Secure

It is earthy to beryllium tense and frightened of what the cards clasp for you and your aboriginal erstwhile you archetypal consult a tarot paper scholar successful idiosyncratic oregon online. What is important is to person a benignant and affable scholar who volition marque you consciousness comfortable. An interactive situation needs to beryllium created truthful the scholar tin usage their intuition to scope retired to you and person you beryllium receptive to their efforts.

The scholar whitethorn inquire you immoderate idiosyncratic questions, and if they marque you consciousness uncomfortable, you are successful trouble. Vibes not matching is simply a large deterrent successful immoderate session; so, it would beryllium champion to look elsewhere for much fruitful results.

While consulting immoderate online website for tarot paper readings, guarantee the readers are skilled with astatine slightest a fewer years of experience.

Online vs. Offline Tarot Card Reading

Tarot paper speechmaking tin beryllium done successful idiosyncratic oregon online. At present, online readings are the safest and the astir viable, with radical inactive nether the effect of the 2nd question of the pandemic. With a 3rd question conscionable astir the corner, it surely looks similar staying indoors is the champion option. So, immoderate carnal league is simply retired of the question. Moreover, tarot speechmaking sessions person innumerable benefits:

  • You person unlimited entree to a scholar passim the time oregon night.
  • Tarot readings tin beryllium obtained from the comfortableness of your home, office, oregon portion traveling.
  • Free minutes and different charismatic offers are ever determination for caller users.
  • You tin get entree to antithetic kinds of psychic readings connected 1 site.
  • The tarot readings are much accurate.

All of these beryllium connected the website you are using. Since hundreds of sites connection tarot readings and solutions to problems, you request to tread with caution earlier signing up connected immoderate network. Data theft and online fraud are beauteous rampant these days, truthful it is important to place and debar fraudulent sites. Sites of repute volition supply close tarot readings with authentic and skilled readers.

FAQS About Tarot Card Reading

Q: Can a tarot paper speechmaking really assistance and guide?
A: Tarot provides clarity to the concern you are in. It pulls backmost the veil, arsenic it were, revealing what oregon who is affecting your beingness and why. You tin get a clearer representation from a speechmaking designed to springiness you the champion imaginable solution viable for you. Sometimes, you whitethorn consciousness that what the tarot speechmaking is saying is not making sense. Keeping a tarot diary whitethorn assistance with this, arsenic you tin spell backmost to it aboriginal for clarity.

Q: Can a tarot speechmaking foretell the aboriginal successful reality?
A: Yes, it really can. It tin foretell the aboriginal truthful accurately that you volition beryllium near stunned. Sometimes, the speechmaking whitethorn look to beryllium vague and general, but with time, you recognize however fitting that speechmaking was astatine a peculiar juncture of your life. Remember that our choices and our decisions instrumentality america person to our destination. So, our aboriginal tin beryllium predicted by tarot cards oregon immoderate different means of divination.

Q: Is the tarot evil?
A: No, it is not, nor is it achromatic magic. While it is supernatural, consulting a tarot paper scholar does not mean you are engaging with the devil.

Q: In however galore antithetic ways tin the tarot beryllium used?
A: Tarot cards are precise versatile successful their usage. From fortune-telling, beingness coaching, spiritual development, and idiosyncratic growth, to learning astrology, numerology, magic, and rituals, tarot tin beryllium enactment to bully use.

Q: What differentiates an angel speechmaking and a psychic speechmaking from a tarot reading?
A: A batch of radical get confused betwixt an Angel Card Reading and a Tarot Card Reading. Angel cards usage the guardian angels of the lawsuit to archer them what is going connected successful their life. A psychic speechmaking is done by tapping into your psychic vigor to work you, your life, and those astir you who power your life. A tarot speechmaking provides readings based connected the cards drawn and their divinatory meanings and interactions wrong the tarot spread.

Q: How close are tarot apps?
A: The ones we tried were beauteous satisfactory. But, however does a scholar negociate to beryllium accurate? Well, it is the transportation that you found with the reader. The app is conscionable a mean to scope retired to them.

Q: Can you work tarot cards yourself?
A: Of people you can, provided you person a acceptable of tarot cards. But, you request to beryllium talented to correctly construe the results of a session, which comes with a willingness to larn and a batch of practice. You besides request to beryllium people inclined towards specified psychic activities, arsenic tarot paper speechmaking is not a mechanical process.

Conclusion: Most Reliable Online Tarot Reading Site?

If you are a large instrumentality of tarot paper readings, going for an online enactment is simply a bully mode to go. We person done each of the homework and streamlined the process to get you the champion successful the concern without getting duped.

Online readings are arsenic bully arsenic — and sometimes adjacent amended than — in-person tarot readings. We tin besides vouch for their safety, security, and accuracy. Among the 5 sites we screened, our prime is Kasamba, the astir fashionable of the lot.

All you request is to person an unfastened caput and beryllium receptive to the readers online. Once you person met the close scholar and asked the close questions, determination is nary stopping you from making the close decisions successful beingness and rediscovering yourself.

The quality and editorial staffs of The Denver Post had nary relation successful this post’s preparation.

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