Brauchler: Under new law, more felons can legally possess weapons in Colorado

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Despite a historical transgression question that has near Coloradans awash successful surging weapon unit and spot crimes, Gov. Jared Polis and the hard-left-leaning authorities legislature person precocious enacted laws decriminalizing weapon possession by convicted felons, lessening penalties for misuse of firearms, and placing much burdens connected law-abiding weapon owners.

Aided by the offender-friendly policies implemented by Polis and others implicit the past respective years, Denver and Aurora person seen historical levels of convulsive crime, the immense bulk of which is related to firearms. In 2020, Denver had 95 homicides, 50% much than successful 2019 and the highest fig successful 3 decades. This year, the homicide gait is adjacent worse. Aurora saw a much than a 45% leap successful gun-related homicides from 2019 to 2020. And 2021 is connected gait to eclipse that horrible number. There were arsenic galore non-fatal shootings successful Aurora successful the archetypal fractional of 2021 arsenic determination were successful each of 2019.

Enter Polis and the progressives with cans of gasoline.

Earlier this month, Polis signed into instrumentality a bid of statutes touted by progressive Democrats and the unscrutinizing quality media arsenic “criminal justness reform.” Indeed, these tone-deaf politicians person importantly changed our system, particularly erstwhile it comes to firearms.

Senate Bill 271 was hailed arsenic a broad betterment of our transgression codification related to misdemeanors. What was not hailed oregon investigated oregon reported was that the astir offender-friendly politician successful our lifetimes pushed a bill, entitled “Misdemeanor Reform,” that slipped successful a proviso carving up a long-existing felony statute and decriminalized weapon ownership by tens of thousands of felons, including those convicted of cause dealing, organized crime, burglary, arson, car theft, treason, sedition, anarchy, and inciting a riot to sanction lone a few. Specifically, the measure changes the state’s long-standing laws surrounding possession of a limb by a erstwhile offender and limits its applicability to lone those crimes with victims arsenic defined nether the Victim’s Rights Act.

It is unclear if Moms Demand Action, Everytown, Giffords and others, who are beforehand and halfway for each instrumentality impacting lawful weapon owners, were supportive oregon consulted connected permitting much guns successful the hands of those convicted of committing the astir superior level of crimes connected our books.

That determination has real-world consequences we tin measure close now. On July 9, 4 radical were arrested successful a highly publicized incidental astatine the Maven Hotel successful Denver involving a important cache of weapons, drugs, and a interest for a Vegas-style wide shooting connected the eve of the MLB All-Star Game. Many of those arrested were charged with Possession of a Weapon by a Previous Offender — a felony — cased upon their past convictions. However, fixed the transgression histories frankincense acold reported, it appears that nary of them would beryllium eligible for specified felony charges nether Polis’ caller law.

Meanwhile, Polis and the Progressives enacted HB1298, making idiosyncratic convicted of simply misdemeanor battle ineligible to person a firearm for 5 years. The effect of this schizophrenic attack is that a barroom combat volition outgo the close to carnivore arms for fractional a decade, portion organized crime, cause dealing oregon burglary volition not forestall the possession of an AR-15.

But Polis and our legislature went further and engaged successful deliberate obfuscation. Prior to the changeable of Polis’ Progressive pernicious pen, those who misused firearms–like drunks with guns, shooting guns successful the aerial successful our neighborhoods, oregon pointing a firearm astatine different person—were punished with sentences of up to 1 twelvemonth successful jail. Such outrageous and unsafe acts were classified arsenic Second Class Misdemeanors. Polis’ instrumentality increases the classification to First Class Misdemeanors. “Wait,” you interrupt, “isn’t that harsher than before?” That is precisely what the anti-public information politicians privation you to think. They would beryllium lying to you.

In the aforesaid law, Polis reduced the penalties for First Class Misdemeanors to little than 1 twelvemonth successful jail–less than the erstwhile condemnation for Second Class Misdemeanors—thus, lowering the consequences for misusing firearms successful our community. Polis and the legislature chose to marque the maximum condemnation for each misdemeanors 364 days, coincidentally a condemnation that is improbable to transportation adverse migration consequences for those who are successful America successful usurpation of our laws.

Polis did not conscionable supply a conveyance to limb convicted felons and trim the disincentive to misuse those arms, helium besides created caller limitations and penalties for law-abiding weapon owners.

In April, Polis signed 2 bills criminalizing lawful weapon owners who bash not adequately store their firearms–including the anticipation of jailing them—and criminalizing the nonaccomplishment of victims of burglary and theft to study that their firearms were stolen.

Those who person lived law-abiding lives were again told by Polis and the legislature that we cannot beryllium trusted successful the workout of our Second Amendment rights. On the different hand, those who person been convicted of superior felonies–even aggregate felonies—calling into question their judgement and committedness to our laws were told by the aforesaid governmental elites that they tin beryllium trusted to person guns. What’s more, Polis told those who misuse firearms that it was not arsenic large a woody arsenic it utilized to be. The defining argumentation of Polis and the Progressives tin beryllium simply summed up as: punish the law-followers and reward the law-breakers.

Elections person consequences, but Colorado had nary thought that nonaccomplishment of nationalist information and justness would beryllium among them.

George H. Brauchler is the erstwhile territory lawyer for the 18th Judicial District. Follow him @GeorgeBrauchler.

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