Broncos Journal: Primary camp objective for coach Vic Fangio — avoiding another awful September

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Ten observations astir the Broncos entering the commencement of grooming camp:

1. A cardinal statistic for manager Vic Fangio: The Broncos are 0-7 successful September the past 2 seasons. They started 0-4 successful 2019 (three one-possession losses and blown location leads against Chicago and Jacksonville) and 0-3 past twelvemonth (two one-possession losses). Before the calendar flipped to October, they were chasing the season. The past clip the franchise was implicit .500 was Week 3 of 2018 (2-1).

2. The docket sets up perfectly for a bully commencement … if the Broncos are immoderate good. The Giants’ discourtesy was worse past twelvemonth than the Broncos’ discourtesy and the presumption of moving backmost Saquon Barkley (ACL) is successful doubt. Jacksonville and the New York Jets volition person caller caput coaches (Urban Meyer/Robert Saleh), violative play-callers (Darrell Bevell/Mike LaFleur) and quarterbacks (Trevor Lawrence/Zach Wilson). Will Vic attack campy immoderate differently?

3. When I asked Fangio past month, each helium would connection is the unit has “discussed” however to conception the campy docket to get to the starting gross successful amended form. “We person to play a small spot amended and decorativeness the games,” helium said. “It’s decidedly an accent with the squad (and) with the staff. But arsenic it relates to grooming campy and however we acceptable it up, determination won’t beryllium large tweaks that way.”

4. The preseason has been shortened to 3 games. Two years ago, Fangio played his halfway players successful Games 2-3 of a five-game slough-of-an-August. It didn’t consciousness similar they had a accidental to beryllium crisp enough. Complicating things adjacent period volition beryllium Quarterback Competition 2021 (QC2021) and getting accomplishment players capable enactment with Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater. If I was Vic, I would sanction my backmost connected Aug. 23 (two days aft the Seattle game), giving the victor 3 weeks of signifier (and a cameo successful the last tune-up game) earlier the Giants game.

5. What is the authorities of Lock’s footwork? He said helium was a “right ft forward” backmost astatine Missouri and “left ft forward” backmost with the Broncos successful 2019-20, signaling the ft that is simply a measurement up successful the shotgun. Lock is present utilizing a “more squared stance … (quarterbacks) Coach (Mike) Shula tried to get maine to alteration (to) that earlier. Just arsenic acold arsenic being comfy and getting the plays retired past year, I kept that near ft forward. He said, ‘When you commencement practicing this offseason, let’s power it up to a small much squared stance (and) get the feet firing a small quicker.’ Ever since I started throwing this offseason, I tried to support a small much squared with a small close ft successful front.”

6. A subordinate to ticker during the unfastened practices is wrong linebacker Justin Strnad, whom Broncos fans person ne'er seen in-person aft helium missed each of 2020 (wrist surgery). Last August, Fangio and antiaircraft coordinator Ed Donatell were grooming Strnad to play a sub-package relation due to the fact that of his sum ability. “He’s truly similar a rookie connected the field, but he’s doing well,” Fangio said. “He’s decidedly a precise conscientious player. He wants to carve retired a relation for himself with the defense.”

7. Strnad’s large accidental volition statesman erstwhile the pads spell on. “Really, the offseason is conscionable to bid (inside linebackers) however to run quickly,” Donatell said. “But past the existent trial comes (wearing pads) and particularly for a young player, you person to enactment him successful a existent game. He’s prepared to beryllium tested successful July (and) August.”

8. Will we spot receiver KJ Hamler astatine the commencement of camp? Hamstring issues derailed his archetypal campy and helium was held retired of the offseason programme this spring/summer. The Broncos are close to beryllium enamored with Hamler’s velocity and the mode helium tin beryllium utilized each implicit the enactment to accent a defense. But you can’t marque an interaction by moving retired connected a broadside field.

9. At the clip cornerback Bryce Callahan injured his ft past twelvemonth helium was arguably the Broncos’ astir accordant defender. He should beryllium “Bubble Wrap Guy” during camp. He has acquisition successful Fangio’s defence and however it works. He knows however to screen slot receivers. And helium volition payment by getting minimal enactment not lone to marque definite he’s disposable for Week 1, but besides Week 13.

10. And it wouldn’t beryllium a thigh astir the Broncos without an ownership update. The adjacent proceedings day is Sept. 22 successful Denver. The property of erstwhile proprietor Edgar Kaiser contends they person right-of-first-refusal connected immoderate merchantability of the 60.8% of the squad Kaiser sold to Pat Bowlen successful 1984. The Patrick D. Bowlen Trustees apt judge the right-of-first-refusal enactment disappeared erstwhile Kaiser died successful 2012. Even if the Kaiser campy wins and person 14 days to lucifer immoderate offer, bash they truly person $2.1 cardinal successful betwixt the sofa cushions (60% of an estimated $3.5 cardinal merchantability price)? Doubtful.

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