Broncos Mailbag: Can Jerry Jeudy reach 1,000 yards, 10 touchdowns in second season?

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Denver Post Broncos writer Ryan O’Halloran posts his Broncos Mailbag periodically during the offseason. Submit questions to Ryan here.

Hey Ryan, extracurricular of quarterback, what are the different presumption battles should we support an oculus connected during grooming camp?

— Marshall, Parker

Starting moving back: Does Melvin Gordon support the starting occupation to statesman the play oregon bash the Broncos’ coaches make capable spot successful rookie Javonte Williams to diagnostic him?

Starting close tackle: Bobby Massie is the apt start-of-camp favorite, but indispensable enactment steadfast to bushed retired Cam Fleming and/or Calvin Anderson.

Nos. 4-6 antiaircraft linemen: The starters are Shelby Harris, Mike Purcell and Dre’Mont Jones. Who gets the borderline for the 3 spots — Shamar Stephen, McTelvin Agim, DeShawn Williams oregon possibly adjacent Marquiss Spencer? Stephen is simply a lock, I think.

Nos. 3-5 safety: The starters are Justin Simmons and Kareem Jackson. If the Broncos support 5 safeties, it’s Caden Sterns, Jamar Johnson, Trey Marshall and P.J. Locke for 3 spots.

Tell maine wherefore this team, successful their existent state, should beryllium immoderate amended than immoderate of the ones since Super Bowl 50? I consciousness similar we’re inactive conscionable going to interval adjacent .500 and are looking astatine different first-round prime successful the mid-teens.

— Roger C., Denver

Um, fto maine deliberation astir that. … Er, request different minute. … Uh, I’m calling timeout to fig thing out.

Get the picture? On paper, you’re close — this is simply a squad that could tease capable to sniff .500 but tin fundamentally suffer to anybody connected their schedule. Teams with questions astatine backmost shouldn’t person precocious expectations.

Another first-round prime successful the Nos. 13-19 scope would not beryllium perfect due to the fact that that means the Broncos didn’t marque the playoffs, but won their mode retired of top-quarterback range.

I saw that Paxton Lynch is trying to marque it successful the CFL. Do you deliberation he’ll ever marque it backmost into the NFL?

— Tyler Booth, Grand Junction

It’s improbable Lynch volition and immoderate benignant of regular relation successful the NFL – – helium has been chopped by the Broncos (2018) and Pittsburgh (’19) with a preseason enactment successful Seattle (’19) successful between. His stat enactment reads 273 snaps, a 1-3 grounds and 4th touchdowns and interceptions apiece.

Lynch signed past period with the Saskatchewan Roughriders truthful recognition to him for continuing to prosecute an opportunity.

Garett Bolles was capable to alteration the minds of fans with the mode helium played past year. Do you deliberation either Bradley Chubb oregon Jerry Jeudy could beryllium the adjacent 1 to instrumentality that adjacent step? Chubb was a Pro Bowler, yes, but he’s inactive missing those double-digit sack totals helium piled up arsenic a rookie.

— Mike, Pueblo

Both Chubb and Jeudy should beryllium expected to instrumentality the adjacent step.

Chubb volition beryllium astir 2 years wide of his torn ACL, but missed the offseason programme owed to ankle surgery. Double-digit sacks should beryllium the yearly anticipation for him.

Jeudy should payment from the instrumentality of receiver Courtland Sutton aft a 52-catch, 856-yard, three-touchdown rookie year.

Do you deliberation Jerry Jeudy could beryllium a 1,000-yard, 10-touchdown receiver this year?

— Ron, Denver

Jeudy’s statistic are listed supra and I deliberation helium has a amended accidental astatine getting to 1,000 yards than 10 touchdowns.

Jeudy had 2 100-yard games past twelvemonth — 125 astatine Atlanta and 140 vs. Las Vegas — truthful games similar that volition assistance him get to 1,000. The key, though, volition beryllium consistency. He had 7 games with little than 50 yards receiving.

I’ll spell with 1,023 yards and 7 touchdowns for Jeudy this year.

Denver Post Broncos writer Ryan O’Halloran posts his Broncos Mailbag periodically during the offseason. Submit questions to Ryan here.

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