CDC recommends majority of Colorado counties mask up based on COVID-19 cases

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended Tuesday that vaccinated radical deterioration masks successful indoor nationalist places successful counties with “high” oregon “substantial” dispersed of COVID-19 — which includes the bulk of Colorado.

The CDC defines important transmission arsenic 50 oregon much cases per 100,000 radical implicit the past week.

According to the CDC’s information tracker, 38 Colorado counties person that level of spread. State information shows a fewer much places could beryllium affected, with 41 counties having lawsuit rates astatine slightest that precocious arsenic of Monday afternoon.

The bureau besides recommended that each staff, students and visitors successful K-12 schools deterioration masks arsenic they instrumentality this fall. Most Denver metro schoolhouse districts person not said whether they’ll necessitate masks successful the upcoming schoolhouse year, though Aurora Public Schools volition necessitate unvaccinated teachers to deterioration masks.

The recommendations aren’t binding, though states and counties could contented their ain nationalist wellness orders.

They travel astir 2 months aft the CDC announced vaccinated radical didn’t request to deterioration masks nether astir circumstances. At the time, immoderate hoped the carrot of going maskless would promote skeptics to get vaccinated, but the effect was that astir radical dropped their masks, careless of whether they were afloat protected.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, manager of the CDC, said successful a quality league Tuesday that “breakthrough” infections of vaccinated radical are much communal with the delta variant of the virus, and that vaccinated radical who get infected transportation arsenic overmuch of the microorganism arsenic unvaccinated people, according to The New York Times.

The “viral load” a idiosyncratic carries isn’t the lone origin successful however contagious they whitethorn be, but uncovering precocious numbers successful vaccinated radical raises the anticipation that they could unwittingly dispersed the virus, adjacent if they don’t go sick themselves.

Data from Israel and the United Kingdom shows the Pfizer vaccine is highly effectual successful preventing superior illness from the delta variant, but studies connected however good it prevents mild oregon asymptomatic infections are much mixed.

Recent studies from Israel recovered it could little the likelihood of immoderate corruption arsenic much arsenic 64% oregon arsenic little arsenic 39%. Less information is disposable connected the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, due to the fact that they weren’t utilized successful countries that were deed by the delta variant earlier than the United States.

This is simply a processing communicative and volition beryllium updated.

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