Chambers: Avalanche’s first domino (Cale Makar) has fallen. Will the second (Gabe Landeskog) get pushed along?

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Star young defenseman Cale Makar and the Avalanche person fixed the NHL squad a genuine accidental to re-sign seasoned near helping and squad skipper Gabe Landeskog.

The archetypal and astir important off-season domino fell connected Saturday when, during the NHL draft, Makar agreed to a six-year, $54 cardinal declaration hold arsenic a restricted escaped agent. His $9 cardinal yearly headdress deed ties him arsenic the NHL’s 4th highest-paid defenseman and accounts for 11% of the Avs’ $81.5 cardinal wage cap.

But, fixed what helium is — possibly the NHL’s champion defenseman astatine property 22 — it appears to borderline connected a team-friendly woody that mightiness let Colorado to motion Landeskog earlier unrestricted escaped bureau opens Wednesday.

“I judge Makar was ever the archetypal precedence and everything other that happens was going to beryllium determined by wherever Makar ended up,” Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman said Saturday aft Makar’s signing.

“At slightest we cognize Cale’s number, which is large for america going forward,” Avs wide manager Joe Sakic said.

Makar’s $9 cardinal headdress deed is tied for 24th-highest among each signed NHL players. It appears that Makar and the Avs recovered a saccharine spot betwixt 2 caller signings of prima defensemen: Dallas’ Miro Heiskanen, who went No. 3 wide successful the 2017 draft, 1 spot up of Makar, is astatine an $8.45 cardinal headdress hit; and Seth Jones did a trade-and-sign woody with Chicago that elevates him to a $9.5 cardinal headdress deed opening successful 2022-23.

Heiskanen and Jones some got eight-year deals astatine their numbers. Makar took conscionable six years — possibly to assistance compression successful Landeskog, among others, aft Nathan MacKinnon strikes it (more) affluent aft his existent team-friendly woody ($6.3 cardinal headdress hit) expires July 1, 2023.

Makar seemed cognizant of the contented during a Zoom telephone Saturday.

“This is simply a squad that has the imaginable to triumph — and to triumph present — and evidently you don’t privation to get successful the mode of immoderate of that,” Makar said. “(We) tried to evidently bash thing that volition enactment for some sides and I deliberation we came to a woody that evidently works for both.”

In summation to Landeskog, the Avalanche apt wants to re-sign pending UFA goalie Philipp Grubauer and pending UFA guardant Brandon Saad, and they volition enactment retired a woody for pending RFA guardant Tyson Jost. Landeskog and Jost are overmuch much apt to instrumentality than Grubauer and Saad.

“We privation each of america back, particularly Landy and evidently Grubi,” Makar said. “They are specified cardinal pieces to our team. Those are decidedly guys I’d emotion to spot backmost and hopefully, the nine tin enactment retired thing with them. I deliberation everybody’s adjacent successful this sense. Hope everybody gets the close woody and gets it done.”

Easier said than done due to the fact that the Avs person present devoted 22.3% of its headdress abstraction to Rantanen and Makar.

“I said past twelvemonth — it was going to astir apt beryllium our deepest squad that we were going to have, and present arsenic our apical guys get much costly we’re going to person to complement them with less-expensive guys,” Sakic said.

Bottom line: Signing Makar agelong word allows the Avs to effort to motion Landeskog earlier different teams tin enlistee him. Same with Grubauer. There’s plentifulness of clip to bash that earlier Wednesday.

“To person (Makar) finished, present we tin absorption connected 2 different guys,” Sakic said.

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