Denver ranks No. 1 in list of international cities for air pollution Saturday

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Denver bolted Saturday day to the apical of a foul list, No. 1 successful air pollution among large cities of the world.

The city took archetypal place with an aerial prime scale ranking of 162, edging retired Johannesburg, South Africa, which had a 160 ranking, according to IQAir, satellite aerial prime rankings.

Salt Lake City is No. 5 connected the database Saturday day with a 155 ranking. Both occidental U.S. cities are being overrun with fume from distant California and West Coast wildfires due to the fact that of atmospheric conditions and upwind patterns.

Denver’s good particulates are successful an “unhealthy” class connected Saturday, according to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Ozone successful Denver is mean and c monoxide and nitrogen dioxide levels fertile “good.”

On Saturday day the Western Slope is struggling with aerial quality. Grand Junction’s aerial is listed arsenic “unhealthy for delicate groups,” arsenic is the Colorado River Valley.

Weather forecasters are expecting a flimsy betterment successful the state’s aerial prime Sunday.

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