Denver weather: Hot start to the week, lower chance of storms

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Denver volition person a blistery commencement to the week with temperatures successful the mid to precocious 90s. Some moisture volition determination into the country aboriginal successful the week and into the weekend, but astir of the week should beryllium wide with sunny skies.

Temperatures volition lukewarm done mid week, with blistery temperatures forecast for the plains. Wednesday volition beryllium the hottest, with highs successful the debased 100's connected the eastbound plains, precocious 90s successful the I-25 corridor, and adjacent 80 successful the mountains. #cowx

— NWS Boulder (@NWSBoulder) July 26, 2021

According to the National Weather Service successful Boulder, Denver volition apical astatine 94 degrees with sunny skies connected Monday. Winds could gust to 17 mph and there’s a 10% accidental of showers successful the afternoon. The evening volition beryllium clear, dropping to 65 degrees. There’s nary rainfall forecast for pain areas and the flood menace is minimal to statesman the week.

There’s different air prime alert for Monday, encompassing overmuch of the metro area.

Tuesday volition besides beryllium hot, with a precocious of 95 degrees. There’s a 10% accidental of rainfall successful the day with a debased of 66 degrees.

Wednesday volition beryllium the hottest time of the week, with a precocious of 97 degrees. Thunderstorms could popular up successful the day with a 20% accidental of showers. The debased volition beryllium 68 degrees.

There volition beryllium much moisture opening Thursday, and the accidental of storms volition highest implicit the weekend.

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