Denver weather: More 90-degree days ahead but first, a sharp cool down

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Denver dipped down to 46 degrees earlier sunrise connected Friday, the coldest somesthesia successful 3 months and soon to go the norm.

Much cooler contiguous crossed the plains with temperatures successful the precocious 60s and 70s. #cowx

— NWS Boulder (@NWSBoulder) September 17, 2021

Denver narrowly missed a grounds precocious of 95 degrees connected Thursday, topping retired astatine 94 degrees. Yesterday was the 58th time the Mile High City has reached 90 degrees oregon higher this summer, the 6th astir connected record.

Gusty winds brought successful the colder temperatures overnight, swinging temperatures by astir 50 degrees successful astir 14 hours.

According to the National Weather Service successful Boulder, Denver volition scope 75 degrees connected Friday nether sunny skies. The evening debased volition driblet to 50 degrees.

Denver’s somesthesia is forecasted to rally 40 degrees to a precocious of 90 connected Saturday. Clear skies, adust and occassional winds of 15 mph volition marque for elevated occurrence conditions successful the mountains. Saturday nighttime volition person a mild debased of 59 degrees.

Sunday volition beryllium clear, with a precocious adjacent 87 degrees and a debased astir 55 degrees.

A chill beforehand should determination successful aboriginal adjacent week, bringing autumn highs successful the 60s and 70s. Some storms could besides beryllium connected the mode alongside the alteration to cooler weather.

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