Denver weather: Potential afternoon storms could help smoky air quality

2 months ago 17
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Much of the Front Range is nether an aerial prime alert Sunday, with the National Weather Service informing of unhealthy ozone levels expected to past until the aboriginal evening.

The aerial prime is considered unhealthy for delicate groups, similar children oregon those with respiratory conditions oregon lung diseases, and the National Weather Service urges radical successful those groups to bounds their clip extracurricular Sunday.

Separately, Routt County is nether an aerial prime alert Sunday due to the fact that of wildfire fume from some the Morgan Creek fire, which is burning astir 15 miles northbound of Steamboat Springs, arsenic good arsenic out-of-state wildfires, according to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Smoke successful Routt County is expected to beryllium heaviest astir the Elk River Valley and adjacent Glen Eden and Clark. That alert expires astatine 9 a.m. Monday.

The ozone aerial prime alert for the Front Range is acceptable to expire astatine 4 p.m., astir the clip the portion could spot immoderate day thunderstorms, according to the upwind service.

Denver volition spot a precocious of astir 91 degrees Sunday, with a 40% accidental of thunderstorms aft 3 p.m. The lukewarm upwind volition proceed to vigor up this week, with highs expected to ascent to 97 connected Wednesday.

Residents tin expect mostly sunny upwind this week, with immoderate day storms.

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