Denver weather: Smoke, smoke and more smoke ahead for the Front Range

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Denver’s upwind forecast Sunday is smoke, fume and much smoke.

The city’s aerial prime was the second-worst successful the satellite Sunday greeting — down Krasnoyarsk, Russia, according to IQAir’s world aerial prime rankings — arsenic wildfire fume from California moved successful and acceptable up campy crossed the Front Range this weekend.

“A batch of the thicker fume has settled into our plains and valleys close now; the higher peaks are peeking retired of it close now,” said Caitlyn Mensch, a meteorologist astatine the National Weather Service astatine Boulder. “There is not a batch of upwind to determination it around.”

The aerial prime connected the Front Range volition waver betwixt unhealthy for everyone and unhealthy for delicate groups Sunday, according to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, some due to the fact that of ozone levels and good particulates. That means older adults, children and radical with respiratory conditions, similar asthma, should enactment wrong arsenic overmuch arsenic possible.

The remainder of Front Range residents should trim “prolonged oregon dense exertion” extracurricular Sunday, the state’s nationalist wellness bureau warned.

Here's the 6pm (8/7) update of the exemplary fume forecast. The exemplary really shows the fume decreasing adjacent the Denver country substantially by Sunday day though we fearfulness it whitethorn beryllium a spot excessively optimistic. A instrumentality to thicker fume is expected Monday. #COwx

— NWS Boulder (@NWSBoulder) August 8, 2021

The municipality corridor mightiness spot a flimsy simplification successful wildfire fume Sunday evening, Mensch said, but it won’t past agelong — a caller set of fume is apt to beryllium pushed into the portion connected Monday.

“For today, it’s hard to telephone it an improvement, but determination is simply a small spot of a gradual question of the thicker fume retired of the country today,” she said. “But it’s inactive going to beryllium astir for the day.”

Visibility successful Denver volition beryllium “extremely poor” Sunday owed to the smoke, the authorities wellness bureau said.

Much of the authorities is dealing with the wildfire smoke, not conscionable the Front Range, Mensch added. And it’ll apt beryllium a fewer days earlier residents tin expect to spot wide skies again.

“There could beryllium immoderate anticipation towards the extremity of the week,” she said. “We are seeing a ridge gathering that could support the fume to the northbound and east.”

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