Denver weather: Smoky air pushes back in, wildfire threat to grow

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The moisture Denver has enjoyed implicit the past fewer days has moved distant from the city. Replacing the chill and occasional rainfall volition beryllium above-average highs and adust and sometimes smoky air. In the mountains, occurrence information volition elevate implicit the weekend.

Skies volition beryllium sunny this morning, past mostly to partially sunny this afternoon. Smoky conditions volition proceed implicit the country done tonight.

— NWS Boulder (@NWSBoulder) August 5, 2021

On Thursday, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment  is forecasting unhealthy aerial for each successful the metro area. Ozone and good particulates are successful the air, forcing CDPHE to contented yet different aerial prime warning. The National Weather Service successful Boulder predicts Thursday volition apical astatine 92 degrees, with areas of smoke disrupting an different sunny day. Smoke volition bent astir into the evening erstwhile temperatures volition driblet to 62 degrees.

Friday volition beryllium adjacent warmer, with a precocious of 96 degrees and mediocre air. It volition beryllium mostly sunny arsenic the tempest menace remains into the evening erstwhile temperatures volition dip to 60 degrees. Showers bash person a 20% accidental of popping up aft 1 p.m. with gusty winds nearing 25 mph.

Saturday volition beryllium sunny with a precocious of 89 degrees and a debased of 60 degrees.

NWS warns of elevated occurrence information successful the precocious state with warmer upwind and little humidity implicit the adjacent respective days.

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