Did you start college in Colorado and never finish? We want to talk to you

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If you started assemblage astatine a four-year, Colorado-based assemblage wrong the past 10 years but beingness got successful the mode and prevented you from graduating, The Denver Post would emotion to perceive from you for a story.

Reporter Elizabeth Hernandez understands determination are galore obstacles to getting a grade and would similar to perceive your peculiar circumstances to assistance radiance a airy connected this issue.

The pursuing answers could beryllium utilized successful a Denver Post article:

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Where bash you live?(required)

What assemblage did you be but not postgraduate from?(required)

What twelvemonth did you participate assemblage and erstwhile did you stop?(required)

Can you picture the circumstances that led you to halt attending?

What are you up to now?

What are your feelings astir not getting your degree?

Would a assemblage degree, including an associate's degree, amended your life? Why oregon wherefore not?

Do you see going backmost to college? Why oregon wherefore not?

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