Father-son duo launching LGBTQ bar in former downtown Vesta space

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Trey Stewart knows radical and his dad, Tyler, knows business.

Together, the duo opened a cocktail barroom successful Dallas successful 2019 called Mr. Misster.

Now, they privation to replicate the conception successful Denver and unfastened Mr. Misster’s “big brother” — dubbed Sir — astatine 1822 Blake St., wherever Vesta operated for much than 20 years earlier closing past July citing the pandemic.

Trey and his begetter visited Denver often and began to announcement similarities betwixt the Mile High City and Dallas, which initially attracted them. Trey besides said he’d similar to yet “plant immoderate roots here” and began renting a 2nd location successful Denver past year.

“We spent the past twelvemonth studying the country and the radical and figuring retired what the Denver LGBTQ assemblage is missing that I tin provide,” Stewart said. “There are tons of different large bars there. But determination isn’t an LGBTQ barroom downtown, and there’s a large assemblage looking for a location here.”

Prior to opening Mr. Misster, helium was an adjunct for Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Dallas” star Stephanie Hollman, and appeared connected seasons 2 done 4 of the show. He present runs a podcast with her and Brandi Redmond, different housewife connected the show.

“When we would movie astatine antithetic restaurants and bars astir Dallas, immoderate would springiness america restrictions oregon not fto america in, truthful I had the archetypal thought to conscionable unfastened my own,” Stewart said. “But I hadn’t told Stephanie I was opening a barroom yet, truthful I waited until play 4 wrapped, and past during play 5 we were closed. But travel fall, determination volition beryllium immoderate cameras successful there, and possibly adjacent successful Denver, too.”

Courtesy of Sir via BusinessDen

Sir volition beryllium the Stewarts’ “big brother” conception to their barroom successful Dallas, Mr. Misster, which opened successful 2019.

The Stewarts program to unfastened Sir successful October from 4 p.m. until 2 a.m. weekdays and starting astatine 11 a.m. weekends. The 4,500-square-foot abstraction is treble Mr. Misster’s footprint and besides has a kitchen. David Schaich of Denver-based Shike Design is helping plan the space.

Sir volition service trade cocktails with adust crystal and different garnishes, arsenic good arsenic a to-be-determined brunch and meal menu. It volition diagnostic a DJ booth and resistance brunches connected weekends.

“My dada owned immoderate restaurants erstwhile I was increasing up, truthful we cognize however amusive nutrient tin beryllium and however overmuch Denver loves food,” Stewart said. “It’s besides important to maine to person immoderate bully nutrient with the erstwhile tenant being specified an iconic abstraction for a truly bully restaurant. So, I decidedly didn’t privation to flop connected that aspect.”

Brokers Mark Valente and David Zahradnik represented the Stewarts successful the lease woody past week. Rich Hobbs and Eli Boymel with Crosbie Real Estate Group, arsenic good arsenic Lowrey Burnett with Fountainhead Commercial, represented the landlord.

Stewart, present 25, opened Mr. Misster with his dada erstwhile helium was 23 years aged “as a leap of faith,” helium said. They person 2 different concern partners successful Dallas, but person afloat power of Sir.

“We get each other,” Stewart said. “Taxes are his lane and drinks are mine. We’ve truly recovered that balance, and it’s amusive to enactment with my dada due to the fact that he’s my champion friend.”

He added that his begetter visits the barroom often with his woman and acts arsenic a genitor fig for immoderate of his friends and customers who haven’t recovered the aforesaid support.

“He is my biggest supporter. And arsenic arrogant arsenic helium is of me, I’m much arrogant of him,” Stewart said.

Although Sir volition chiefly cater to the LGBTQ crowd, helium wants to make a abstraction wherever “everyone feels astatine home.”

“I tin physique a barroom arsenic overmuch arsenic I want, but the assemblage makes it what it is,” Stewart said. “I’m excited to spot what Sir turns into and however the Denver assemblage embraces that.”

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