Fort Collins’ Yul Moldauer living his “American dream” as South Korean adoptee in Olympics

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Orsa Moldauer remembers watching her lad Yul connected the playground aft school. Then 7 years old, Yul and a radical of his friends took turns going crossed a acceptable of monkey bars.

“All the different kids’ legs would plaything backmost and distant arsenic they tried to get crossed those monkey bars, but not Yul’s,” Orsa said. “His legs were wholly consecutive and still. It was similar helium was floating across.”

It was each Orsa needed to see.

Soon aft she enrolled Yul successful a children’s gymnastics people adjacent their location conscionable extracurricular Fort Collins.

Yul has travel a agelong mode since that time connected the playground, from swinging connected the playground to making it to the Olympic Games.

Once a kid successful request of an outlet, Yul is present a young antheral astir to correspond the United States connected the planetary stage.

                                                             * * *

Growing up connected a workplace successful bluish Larimer County, Yul was adopted by Orsa and Peter Moldauer from South Korea 3 months aft helium was born.

The Moldauers’ kept his commencement sanction arsenic his mediate sanction (Kyung Tae) and changed his archetypal sanction to Yul. Peter and Orsa already had 2 daughters with aesculapian issues, and present their son, Yul, followed suit.

Their eldest daughter, Leah, had ADHD and celiac disease, which caused her maturation to stall. Their younger daughter, Sorcha, had dyslexia and a commencement wounded that severed her brachial plexus. Their youngest son, Sundo, besides adopted from South Korea, has mild cerebral palsy and needed extended carnal therapy to larn however to walk.

Yul, meanwhile, had to spell to code therapy due to the fact that helium didn’t commencement talking until helium was three-and-a-half years old. He besides had a strong, wincing outcry to the constituent wherever different parents would inquire them, “Why is your lad acting similar that?” At a kids depository successful Chicago, his deafening cries carried implicit hundreds of children’s voices.

In the summertime, Orsa would instrumentality him extracurricular to the car, crank up the aerial conditioning and effort to calm him down. Nothing seemed to work.

Yul struggled. His parents struggled. They decided helium needed thing — thing — to absorption his energy. They ne'er thought that enrolling him successful a gymnastics people astatine property 7 would alteration their son’s beingness forever.

He rapidly roseate up the ranks and secured a spot connected the Junior National Team astatine property 9.

Once his endowment became apparent, the Moldauers bought a location successful Arvada, adjacent to a gym successful Wheat Ridge wherever Yul worked out, to debar the agelong thrust backmost and distant each day. That committedness paid off.

For Yul, gymnastics was nary longer an extracurricular activity. He was pursuing his dream. But, dreams travel with costs — successful this lawsuit two-a-day practices, injuries, agelong drives, a household divided betwixt 2 cities.

“I ever told myself, nary substance wherever I came from, what I look similar oregon what my past is, if I marque it a extremity to enactment hard, it’s not going to beryllium easy,” said the seven-time NCAA idiosyncratic champion astatine Oklahoma, four-time All-American and satellite title medalist.

“It’ll beryllium brainsick astatine times, but if I truly privation it that bad, I tin execute anything.”

* * *

People ne'er stopped pointing retired to Yul that helium was different.

He and gymnastics teammate Isaac Xiong, a Hmong American from Laos, were 2 of the lone radical of colour successful their third-grade class. One time astatine school, their teacher asked the full class, “Who are the outliers successful this room?” A fistful of students pointed astatine Moldauer and Xiong.

“My claws came retired aft Yul came location and told maine that,” Orsa said.

There were different incidents that helium brushed aside: a achromatic pistillate telling him to “go backmost to China,” societal media commenters saying helium “doesn’t adjacent look American,” and other, much passive, interactions erstwhile contention was unnecessarily brought a conversation.

“At the extremity of the day, they’re conscionable saying words,” helium said. “Thankfully, I’ve ne'er been physically attacked, but astatine the extremity of the time I correspond the entirety of the United States and if they knew that, I don’t deliberation they would marque those comments.”

Something changed successful 2020, however, erstwhile the COVID-19 pandemic saw chap Asian-Americans go the targets of accrued numbers of hatred crimes. During the highest of the COVID-19 pandemic, crimes against Asian-Americans jumped astir 150%, according to an analysis by the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism. A Stop AAPI Hate nationalist report listed astir 3,800 incidental reports from March 2020 to February 2021.

Yul decided helium could nary longer fto things slide.

“When I enactment ‘USA’ connected my thorax erstwhile I compete, it hurts to cognize that I person to correspond radical similar that,” helium stated successful a post connected societal media. “It’s not similar I was successful South Korea since I was a teen and past each of abrupt decided to travel here. I’ve lived present my full life, but it should ne'er beryllium that mode anyway. You should ne'er look astatine idiosyncratic and assume.”

                                             * * *

In a satellite wherever Yul already felt antithetic from others, gymnastics became his escape.

“He’s conscionable truthful arrogant to beryllium representing the U.S.A, I anticipation radical cognize that erstwhile they ticker him,” Orsa said. “He’s told maine a fig of times however powerfully helium feels astir that.”

Yul values his hard-working ethic, his pursuit to beryllium the champion and being a bully idiosyncratic supra everything else.

“Without my coaches, family, friends, teammates and the Colorado assemblage successful general, I wouldn’t beryllium sitting present close now,” helium said. “Without maine being adopted into my household years ago, my beingness would beryllium wholly different.”

In Tokyo, erstwhile helium thinks of his household earlier stepping retired connected the mat,  he’ll besides deliberation astir the young athletes and chap Asian-Americans watching a South Korean adoptee correspond the United States.

The kid swinging connected the monkey bars present hopes to animate millions.

“I anticipation it gives different young kids — however I was years agone — the anticipation and content that it doesn’t substance what you look similar oregon wherever you came from, you’re portion of the United States and you tin correspond this state similar I americium now,” helium said.


Name: Yul Moldauer

Sport: Men’s Gymnastics, All-Around

Age: 24

Hometown: Fort Collins, Colorado

High School: Golden HS

College: Oklahoma University ’19

Club: 5280 Gymnastics

Career Highlights: 2020 Olympian, led the Sooners to 3 consecutive  NCAA titles (2016-18), became the 2nd freshman successful NCAA past to triumph the nationalist rubric successful the all-around successful 2016, 3x American Cup Champion, 4x Junior Olympic National Championships medalist, 11x Winter Cup Challenge medalist, 2019 Nissen-Emory Trophy Winner, 2017 U.S. All-Around National Champion, 18x All-America honoree, 2nd spot successful the all-around astatine 2021 Olympic Trials.

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