In Facebook post, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis joins #FreeBritney movement

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Colorado Gov. Jared Polis expressed his sympathy for popular prima Britney Spears successful a Facebook station connected Monday, stating that radical should beryllium afloat escaped to unrecorded their ain lives.

Spears has been successful a conservatorship since 2008 and the #FreeBritney question seeks to assistance her autonomy.

This year, the origin gained further attraction erstwhile The New York Times released a documentary that provided a representation of the singer’s beingness nether the conservatorship. On June 23, Spears testified successful tribunal for the archetypal time, proclaiming that she wanted her beingness back. This drew an outcry of enactment for Spears.

“I don’t personally cognize Britney Spears, but I wholly sympathize with her,” Polis wrote. “The barroom for removing someone’s power implicit their ain wealth and beingness should beryllium very, very, precise high. I afloat recognize that occasionally idiosyncratic is an contiguous information to themself oregon others and determination mightiness beryllium a request for short-term detention oregon guardianship.

“Even radical who spiral downward oregon squander their wealth person the close to bash so,” helium wrote.

Conservatorships are usually designed for those who cannot independently function. Spears was placed connected a psychiatric clasp doubly successful 2008. Since the conservatorship was enacted, her begetter James Spears controls the singer’s assets. Still, Britney Spears has released 4 albums and prepared for a Las Vegas residency successful 2019 that was aboriginal canceled.

“Many erstwhile stars person mislaid their wealth and wasted away, and adjacent if Britney’s begetter is well-intended successful trying to support her safely successful a ‘conservatorship,’ it simply isn’t his close to bash truthful for an big kid who tin marque her ain decisions,” Polis wrote. “I besides sympathize with the symptom that immoderate genitor feels astatine seeing their big kid marque atrocious decisions, but yet it is their child’s beingness to live, mistakes and all. #FreeBritney.”

Spears hired a caller attorney to again petition connected Monday for a caller arrangement. A proceeding to code the latest petition of the conservatorship is scheduled for Sept. 29.

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