Keeler: Drew Lock doesn’t have to be Aaron Rodgers. Or Deshaun Watson. But if he’s 2020 Lock, Broncos have to move on.

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Be boring. If you privation to emulate a Smith, Drew Lock, that’s groovy. Try a small much Alex and a little little Geno this time.

“I honestly consciousness similar I could play backmost for the Denver Broncos this year,” linebacker Von Miller said Tuesday. “We’ve got excessively galore options.”

Be smart. Let the accomplishment guys bash the dense lifting. We cognize you’ve got a cannon, brother. We’re conscionable weary of having to screen our eyes each clip you airy the fuse.

Jerry Jeudy’s occupation is to stroke people’s minds. Your occupation is to get the stone successful his mitts and get retired of the heck retired of the way.

Because the safest hands are going to beryllium the ones that manager Vic Fangio yet trusts with the keys. The Broncos person 2 Pro Bowl pass-rushers and a half-dozen antiaircraft backs who tin ball. Punt to win, baby.

“We’ve got much weapons than we’ve had successful a agelong time,” Miller continued. “I tin spell retired determination and pb that discourtesy … I tin spell retired determination and play backmost and propulsion it to Jerry Jeudy … We’ve got each types of weapons retired there.”

Find them. Because if you can’t, Teddy Bridgewater definite arsenic heck will.

Be savvy. Check down. Move the chains. Shock the world. Prove america wrong. Make the doubters devour their words similar truthful galore sopapillas. Crow with a broadside of honey. pegs the Broncos’ over-under connected wins this autumn at 7.5, aforesaid arsenic the Raiders and Panthers. FanDuel acceptable it astatine 8.5 victories. PointsBet, aforesaid deal.

On 1 hand, it’s a debased barroom to clear.

On the other, world bites.

Training campy opens Wednesday, and Aaron Rodgers ain’t walking done that door. Not this summer, anyway.

“We person our pulse connected each situation, particularly if it’s a subordinate we covet,” Broncos wide manager George Paton said of the Packers quarterback. “But successful regards to Rodgers specifically, he’s with different team, and I can’t remark immoderate further.”

And if the caller headlines involving Deshaun Watson marque you much than a small wary, well, you’re not alone.

“I can’t remark connected a subordinate nether declaration with different team,” Broncos president/CEO Joe Ellis said of the embattled Texans quarterback.  “That truly isn’t a information connected the array close now.”

So we’re close backmost to wherever we were 2 months ago. Teddy vs. Drew. Drew vs. Teddy. May the prudent antheral win.

“(We’re) precise assured successful some quarterbacks,” Paton said.

“I deliberation you tin triumph with some those guys,” Miller said.

Fangio is 12-20 implicit his archetypal 2 seasons astatine Dove Valley. He’s 7-9 astatine home. He’s 0-7 successful September. The Broncos’ archetypal 3 tilts are astatine the Giants (6-10 successful 2020), astatine the Jaguars (1-15) and a location tussle with the Jets (2-14).

You mightiness person clip to hold astir for Lock’s country to turn. Uncle Vic doesn’t.

“We privation to beryllium applicable successful November and December,” Paton said. “We privation to marque a propulsion for the playoffs.”

You tin propulsion with Lock and Bridgewater. It’s erstwhile their heads commencement scraping the ceiling astatine 9 oregon 10 wins — and 10-7 doesn’t committedness a happening — that things get dicey.

Is that bully enough? The lone happening looming with immoderate certainty astatine Dove Valley for 2022 is change.

Ellis stressed again connected Tuesday that helium doesn’t expect to beryllium successful the CEO’s seat by the commencement of the adjacent grooming camp. The Broncos are either going to beryllium sold oregon transitioned into Brittany Bowlen’s purview, and the astute wealth is inactive connected the former.

Bridgewater, Miller, Kyle Fuller, Melvin Gordon, Bryce Callahan, Kareem Jackson, Tim Patrick, A.J. Johnson and Courtland Sutton are each successful the last twelvemonth of their respective contracts.

Rodgers is simply a coagulated stake to deed the unfastened marketplace aft this season. Watson’s ineligible concern volition apt person much clarity, for amended oregon for worse, by adjacent spring. Oklahoma backmost Spencer Rattler and North Carolina signal-caller Sam Howell are expected to leap into the draught pool.

You privation to speech options? That’s the 1 happening that, successful a fewer months, the Broncos volition person plentifulness of. Especially astatine quarterback.

“We’ve got to win. We conscionable person to win,” Ellis said. “It’s benignant of, ‘Enough already’ for me, personally, watching it.”

Join the club, pal. Join the club.

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