Kiz vs. Singer: Should the Nuggets say goodbye to Will Barton in free agency?

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Question: Should the Nuggets accidental goodbye to Will Barton successful escaped agency?

Kiz: Is the Thrill gone successful Denver? Will Barton wants to get paid. And helium sounds little than thrilled with his presumption successful the Nuggets’ pecking order. I similar Barton, arsenic overmuch for his feistiness arsenic the red-hot scoring erstwhile helium gets connected a roll. And I cognize Denver mightiness good beryllium abbreviated connected prime players successful the backcourt until Jamal Murray tin instrumentality from his ACL injury. But should Tim Connelly ante up for Barton, oregon archer him to spell question happiness elsewhere successful the league?

Singer: I personally deliberation this is an ante up concern for respective reasons. First of all, determination aren’t galore teams with headdress abstraction this summer, meaning determination are lone truthful galore places helium could go. The Nuggets, presumably, aren’t going to get successful a bidding bar. Second, Barton is much invaluable to the Nuggets than helium is elsewhere due to the fact that they won’t person capable headdress abstraction to regenerate him. Therefore, if the Nuggets privation playmaking retired of the backcourt, and don’t privation to trust connected Campazzo/Morris/Dozier, past Barton is the answer.

Kiz: While watching Evan Fournier airy up Team USA astatine the Olympics, I dreamed of however the 28-year-old Frenchman mightiness acceptable successful the Nuggets’ playing rotation. He’s not lone arsenic fiercely competitory arsenic Barton, but a much unsafe scorer to boot. I besides ideate that whether Fournier returns to Boston oregon signs elsewhere arsenic a escaped agent, he’s looking astatine a payday successful the scope of $20 cardinal a year. I’m guessing that’s much wealth than Denver has successful its budget. So however overmuch volition it outgo the Nuggets to marque Barton happy?

Singer: It’s comic you notation Fournier. I had heard his sanction a just magnitude successful the days starring up to the commercialized deadline and often wondered whether he’d beryllium progressive successful a bigger woody with Aaron Gordon. Obviously, that didn’t materialize. Because of the aforementioned script – Denver gaining leverage due to the fact that of truthful fewer landing spots, and Barton gaining it backmost due to the fact that they request him – I deliberation he’s going to get a tenable deal, determination successful the $15-16 cardinal dollar scope for a fewer years. Because of the bump successful wage for Barton, I wouldn’t beryllium amazed if determination was a squad enactment tacked on.

Kiz: Barton regards himself arsenic a prime starter successful this league. While that assurance is admirable, it mightiness beryllium a spot delusional. I deliberation his accomplishment acceptable is much suited to being the sixth antheral for a legit title contender. My hot-headed absorption would beryllium to archer Barton to spell people 20 points per crippled for a squad with nary changeable astatine making the playoffs. But arsenic you good know, I’m ever arsenic chill arsenic a cucumber. And I’m not definite Denver wants to hazard offloading endowment by playing hardball with Barton. Are determination immoderate cost-effective ways to regenerate him?

Singer: There are. Do names similar Derrick Rose, Spencer Dinwiddie, Avery Bradley oregon Reggie Bullock intrigue you? If the Nuggets miss connected Barton, they’d astir person to walk their mid-level objection ($9.5 million) connected a guard. In that case, that mightiness permission them bladed successful the frontcourt arsenic they contemplate the futures of JaMychal Green, Paul Millsap and JaVale McGee. The easier way is penciling Barton arsenic your starting shooting guard. Keep successful mind, this would beryllium Barton’s 3rd woody successful Denver. The organization cognition is already there.

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