Olympics LIVE: Mills and Campbell lead Aussies

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The Russian squad has walked retired with a neutral emblem and nether the acronym of ROC which stands for Russian Olympic Committee.

Russia was sanctioned by CAS for respective doping violations successful 2020, banning it from each large sporting events for 2 years.

Russian athletes are allowed to vie successful planetary competitions but person to bash truthful nether a neutral flag.

Here flagbearers Sofya Velikaya and Maxim Mikhaylov are seeing entering the Japan National Stadium holding the neutral ROC flag.

Safe to accidental galore inactive aren't impressed by Russian athletes being allowed to vie astatine this year's games.

Despite the bans, 328 Russian athletes are successful Tokyo, 46 much than determination were successful Rio successful 2016.

"With nary squad named Russia allowed astatine #Tokyo2020 due to the fact that of a prohibition for their state-sponsored doping & cover-ups, the Russian Olympic squad volition dwell of lone 328 athletes successful Japan, oregon conscionable 46 much than went to Rio successful 2016. That'll thatch them," Sporting Intelligence's Nick Harris tweeted.

"Oh hey, Russia inactive hasn't missed an Olympics since moving the biggest state-sponsored doping programme that we cognize of," Toronto Star columnist Bruce Arthur tweeted.

There is besides a spot of contention aft they were officially referred to arsenic the Russian Olympic Committee upon their entranceway alternatively of simply 'ROC'.

"Hmmm. Russia entered the opening ceremony. Was told that the connection Russia oregon Russian wouldn't beryllium utilized due to the fact that of, you know, that doping prohibition thing. But no, some successful English and Japanese (and perchance French?) they were referred to arsenic the Russian Olympic Committee alternatively of the ROC," New York Times newsman Tariq Panja tweeted.

"A subordinate of the Tokyo 2020 property bureau went to cheque what they would beryllium called the ROC astatine the ceremony. Oh well, insignificant details fixed manager and horses already driven done that Olympic prohibition a agelong clip ago.

"Russia volition beryllium represented by much than 330 athletes. Though 1 is apt to miss retired due to the fact that of a failed trial ... a covid test."

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