Rapids fail to convert ample chances, draw with Sporting KC 0-0

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COMMERCE CITY — The Colorado Rapids went 32-straight games scoring a extremity astatine Dick’s Sporting Goods Park. That ended connected Saturday nighttime arsenic the Rapids finished with a 0-0 gully against Sporting Kansas City.

“The temper successful the locker country is disappointment,” caput manager Robin Fraser said. “Yeah, listen, they’re a fantastic team, and it’s ever going to beryllium a situation successful mentation for them wrong the game. But arsenic the crippled wore on, I deliberation our radical truly believed that they could make chances, people goals and power the game.”

Heading into the game, the Rapids boasted the highest changeable conversion complaint astatine location successful MLS, astatine 14.81%. They were palmy 16 times connected 108 shots. A regression to the mean was successful order.

The Burgundy Boys poured connected 13 shots portion creating 9 chances and had thing to amusement for it. According to FotMob, the Rapids’ expected goals — a saber-metric that shows the expected magnitude of goals based connected the chances and wherever they took spot — was 2.86, meaning they should’ve had adjacent to 3 goals based connected their chances. Sporting KC’s expected goals was .43.

“We felt similar we created capable chances to win,” Fraser said. “We evidently consciousness beauteous disappointed we didn’t get much retired of the game. Especially connected a nighttime erstwhile a squad that bully is resting that galore players, we surely wanted to get much retired of the game.”

On a affirmative enactment for the Rapids, Mark Anthony Kaye — who the Rapids traded for from Los Angeles F.C. past week, made his debut and was capable to play each 90 minutes.

“I deliberation I worked my mode into the game,” Kaye said. “Obviously learning a caller strategy takes clip truthful I had to conscionable spell with the travel and spell disconnected of the different midfielders. Once I started to get inside, I recovered immoderate bully pockets to get myself turned and play immoderate balls forward.”

Kaye played successful his emblematic cardinal midfield role, with Jack Price and Collen Warner, and appeared to acceptable successful seamlessly. He recovered teammates successful the last 3rd and was capable to get into the container and make chances for himself, coming adjacent to giving his caller squad the pb astatine the extremity of the archetypal half.

“I thought Mark’s contributions were significant,” Fraser said. “Hard working, honorable player, did everything helium needed to bash defensively and truly showed the benignant of last passer helium is. He has a large oculus for a last walk with large value enactment connected his passes, and helium got himself progressive and astir could person scored a extremity arsenic well.”

William Yarbrough picked up his eighth shutout of the play contempt not having to marque immoderate saves. The Rapids pb the Western Conference successful cleanable sheets and are tied for archetypal successful MLS.

Sporting KC, who sits successful archetypal spot successful the Western Conference, is present undefeated successful their past 5 matches against the Rapids with 3 wins and 1 draw.

The Rapids stay successful 4th successful the West astatine the nonstop midpoint of the season. They person played 2 little games than archetypal and 2nd spot Sporting KC and the Seattle Sounders.

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