Rockies’ Brendan Rodgers, Trevor Story’s heir apparent, having solid season

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Brendan Rodgers hasn’t done thing particularly melodramatic truthful acold this season. He’s conscionable played coagulated shot and is steadily evolving into a productive big-leaguer.

“I decidedly consciousness similar I person travel a agelong mode from a batch of injuries and stuff,” the infielder said Monday earlier the Rockies played the Angels and superstar Shohei Ohtani astatine Anaheim, Calif. “I’m feeling much similar a portion of the squad due to the fact that I’m playing each time and I’m contributing. Those are immense factors.”

Rodgers, the 3rd wide prime successful the 2015 draft, made his Rockies debut connected May 17, 2019, but played successful conscionable 25 games earlier helium underwent country connected his close (throwing) shoulder. He suffered a strained hamstring during this year’s outpouring grooming and didn’t statesman playing for Colorado until May 21.

As the Rockies play retired different losing play and opening cobbling unneurotic their future, Rodgers volition go a centerpiece, particularly with shortstop Trevor Story not agelong for Colorado. If Story does not get moved by Friday’s commercialized deadline, helium volition precise apt go a escaped cause astatine the extremity of the season.

Should Story beryllium traded this week, Rodgers would descent implicit from 2nd to short, his earthy position.

“I consciousness conscionable arsenic confident, if not more, astatine abbreviated than I bash second,” Rodgers said. “I played it beauteous overmuch my full life. The assurance is ever high. No substance wherever you enactment me, I’ll bash my champion to beryllium great.”

Monday night, Rodgers deed 2nd successful the bid again, a spot he’s earned due to the fact that of his accordant at-bats, manager Bud Black said.

“He’s swung the bat truly good since his return, and his on-base percent is good, successful a spot that sets up good (for the bosom of the order),” Black said. “We similar him getting the other at-bat arsenic the crippled gets into the aboriginal innings. It’s much astir show than anything, with immoderate imaginable thump astatine the top, with immoderate power.”

Rodgers, who entered Monday’s crippled hitting .263 with 5 location runs successful 173 sheet appearances, has been connected a dependable roll. Since June 3, helium slashed .288/.348/.488 with each 5 of his location runs, six doubles, 2 triples and 18 RBIs. While galore of his teammates person atrocious home/road splits, Rodgers has really produced amended numbers connected the roadworthy (.268 average, 3 homers) than astatine Coors (.259, 2 homers).

“I really bask hitting distant from location arsenic overmuch arsenic I bask hitting astatine home,” Rodgers said. “The shot doesn’t alert arsenic overmuch (as astatine home), but I’ve played astatine sea-level beauteous overmuch my full beingness and I’ve been utilized to it.

“It besides helps with each of the (pitching) instrumentality enactment we person been doing. In the archetypal crippled connected the road, oregon astatine a caller ballpark, we deed a batch against the machine. That’s played a large portion successful immoderate of my success.”

Black’s return. Black was backmost successful the captain’s spot Monday aft clearing Major League Baseball’s COVID and interaction tracing protocols.

Black, who is afloat vaccinated, missed 8 games and had not managed the squad since the all-star break. Bench manager Mike Redmond served arsenic the acting manager during Black’s absence. Colorado went 3-5 nether Redmond.

From his homes successful Colorado and San Diego, Black was often successful interaction with Redmond, interim wide manager Bill Schmidt and a fig of players, either via phone, substance oregon email. However, helium had to ticker games connected TV and helium said it was a unusual experience.

“On a standard of 1 to 10, with 10 being the weirdest, it was a 10,” Black said.

COVID comebacks. Black was 1 of six Rockies players and coaches ineligible to enactment due to the fact that of COVID and interaction tracing. First-base manager Ron Gideon returned Friday, and outfielder Yonathan Daza, alleviation pitchers Yency Almonte and Jhoulys Chacín, arsenic good arsenic starter Antonio Senzatela are adjacent to returning to the Rockies arsenic well. All 4 players are astatine the Rockies’ analyzable successful Arizona.

Senzatela threw a bullpen league connected Monday and the program is for him to propulsion different connected Wednesday and past transportation successful a insignificant league crippled this play earlier returning to the Rockies’ rotation.

Chacin is scheduled to transportation successful a crippled astatine the Rockies’ analyzable connected Tuesday and Daza volition play successful the outfield. Almonte volition apt propulsion a bullpen connected Tuesday.

Footnote. Infielder Ryan McMahon, who’s been slowed by limb soreness, was not successful the starting lineup for the 2nd crippled successful a row.

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