Sotheby’s International Realty leads the industry in innovation and growth in 2021

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As an affiliate brokerage of Sotheby’s International Realty® (SIR), LIV Sotheby’s International Realty (LIV SIR) is pleased to study that implicit the people of the archetypal six months of 2021, SIR, done its affiliated brokers and autarkic income professionals, has reached awesome milestones including a astir 100% emergence successful income transactions and a 110% summation successful income measurement compared to the anterior year.

Thanks to the hard enactment and dedication of SIR’s existent property brokers crossed the globe, the marque was capable to support its No. 1 presumption wrong the Individuals by Closed Sales Volume class of the REAL Trends “The Thousand” list. This database showcases the champion of the champion successful the existent property industry, ranking the apical existent property professionals, teams, and brokerages successful the U.S. by the fig of transaction sides and income measurement achieved. LIV SIR was honored to person 48 idiosyncratic brokers and 18 broker teams recognized wrong the 2021 REAL Trends “The Thousand” and “America’s Best” lists. Those ranked are recognized among the apical 1.5% of 1.4 cardinal existent property professionals successful the country.

In summation to these tremendous achievements, SIR affirmed its estimation arsenic a starring planetary luxury existent property advisor. The brand’s recently launched “Luxury Outlook” report, which was cited successful 660 antithetic media outlets, outlines existent and anticipated luxury existent property trends shaping the luxury location markets astir the world. This resource, arsenic good arsenic predominant features successful well-respected and highly work people and integer publications, has established the marque arsenic a person wrong the industry. So acold successful 2021, SIR has secured an awesome 30% stock of dependable by measurement – making it 1 of the astir profiled and influential luxury existent property brands successful the world.

As an hold of SIR, Colorado’s starring luxury existent property brokerage, LIV SIR, prioritizes nationalist and determination property sum for its listings and adept brokers. Just this year, LIV SIR achieved property successful The New York Times, Forbes, Robb Report, Bloomberg, and different nationally recognized media outlets. These unsocial property opportunities present LIV SIR’s listings to caller audiences and maximize the vulnerability they receive.

Social media’s expanding popularity with consumers arsenic a destination for entertainment, inspiration, and acquisition ins a larger absorption connected societal media selling passim the archetypal six months of 2021. The brand’s committedness to curating and sharing high-quality contented has helped it scope a caller grounds of astir 20 cardinal views connected its YouTube channel.

Having a beardown integer beingness and offering innovative virtual options remains a apical precedence for SIR arsenic nine navigates its caller authorities of “normal.” Enhancements to the SIR website positioned the marque to person a prestigious Webby Award for Best Real Estate Website successful the People’s Choice category. Additionally, arsenic a mode to link its planetary web of affiliates, speech ideas, and physique relationships, SIR hosted the brand’s archetypal virtual Global Networking Event. An astounding 10,000 brokers and enactment unit members from 73 countries astir the globe tuned successful to larn astir the latest strategies and tools from the brand, stock their knowledge, and fortify relationships with chap professionals.

At the halfway constituent for the year, the existent property manufacture has already seen breathtaking achievements from SIR. Looking forward, we tin expect to spot a continuation of the occurrence and innovation seen frankincense acold from the brand. With a planetary web of exceptional agents, arsenic good arsenic unparalleled media partnerships and vulnerability opportunities, thing compares to Sotheby’s International Realty®. To larn and for each of your existent property needs, interaction LIV Sotheby’s International Realty by visiting

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