The way that leaves flutter can reveal when plants need more water

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Leaves vibrate astatine a antithetic frequence depending connected whether soy plants are nether h2o stress

Life 7 December 2021

By Bas den Hond

CX6R9A Green soy works  leaves successful  the cultivate field, against the sun

Leaves connected a soy plant

Igor Stevanovic / Alamy

When leaves flutter successful the breeze, the frequence of their vibrations whitethorn bespeak whether the works is dehydrated. This uncovering could pb to caller ways of monitoring workplace crops and assistance america recognize however rainwater reaches the wood floor.

Think of a leafage arsenic a ruler held by 1 extremity portion the different extremity is flicked, says Sunghwan Jung astatine Cornell University successful New York. A stiffer ruler volition vibrate astatine a higher frequence than 1 that is much flexible.

Previous studies person recovered that the …

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