Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online: Top 10 Seed Banks for Quality Feminized Seeds and More

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It’s ne'er been easier to turn your ain marijuana works and each you request is simply a database of the best effect banks to get started.

You tin bargain weed seeds online and bash truthful safely, easily, and for a bargain price. Half the conflict though is compiling a database of the best-reviewed cannabis effect banks and past choosing which 1 seems close for your project.

In this discussion, we’re going to database 13 of the champion effect slope options, on with the pros and cons of each company.

13 Best Seed Banks That Ship to the USA (and beyond)

1. I Love Growing Marijuana – Best Seed Bank Overall

  • Location: California, USA
  • Ships to: Only the USA (until further notice)
  • Shipping clip to the USA: 2 days shipping, 2-10 days arrival


  • Free shipping to the US
  • Buy 10 get 10 seeds free (regular seeds)
  • Guaranteed transportation and germination
  • Lots of escaped guides connected growing


  • Average terms per effect a small steep

I Love Growing Marijuana instantly puts you astatine ease, offering a wealthiness of cognition astir increasing cannabis for newcomers and veterans alike.

In summation to increasing guides, forums, and journals, they person deals similar Buy 10 Seeds, Get 10 Seeds Free, escaped shipping, guaranteed delivery, guaranteed germination, and aggregate coupons.

Overall, ILGM offered the champion deals and the champion guiding manus to get started, and for first-timers (a ample information of those looking for cannabis strains by name) links to acquisition resources for the weed-growing are important.

2. Crop King Seeds – Best Marijuana Seeds Genetics

  • Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Ships to: Any state worldwide
  • Shipping clip to the USA: 2-7 concern days anyplace successful North America


  • Toll-free telephone support, 24/7
  • Established 2005
  • Accepts Bitcoin and accepted outgo methods
  • Guaranteed transportation and germination


  • Higher-than-average price
  • Coupons could beryllium better

Crop King Seeds is good connected, with implicit 100 retail partners and a wide scope of seeds, with amended prime genetics and breeding selection.

They are a trusted marque with 200 stores successful Canada arsenic good arsenic an online store that ships worldwide. Their worth packs, similar Mix Pack Feminized and Autoflower Feminized are perfect for caller growers.

The institution has a estimation for selling the highest prime antheral and pistillate seeds, and for making innovative discoveries successful breeding seeds organically.

They besides accept Bitcoin for stealthy payments.

3. Seedsman – Best Variety of Cannabis Seeds

  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Ships to: U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, Europe, New Zealand
  • Shipping clip to the USA: Within 3 days of receiving tracking number


  • Established 2003
  • 1500 types of effect strains
  • Works with 63 antithetic effect banks
  • Many escaped effect promotions passim the year


  • Refund requires a somewhat analyzable process

Seedsman offers plentifulness of discounts, averaging astir 25 percent disconnected of orders and astir 40 promotions a year.

In summation to maintaining bully word-of-mouth and societal media reviews, the institution besides has a loyalty programme for returning customers. Bitcoin buyers prevention money too, which is cool.

Still, with implicit 1,500 cannabis effect strains, assortment is the company’s beardown suit.

The institution does hassle you for a refund, but it’s understandable that they person to support against unscrupulous “samplers” with nary intent to wage for prime marijuana seeds.

4. Herbie’s Seeds – Top Seed Bank That Ships To Any Country

  • Location: San Vicente, Alicante, Spain
  • Ships to: Any state worldwide
  • Shipping clip to the USA: 24 hours shipping, 3 weeks delivery


  • Regular recommendations for caller customers
  • Deals arsenic precocious arsenic 35% disconnected for selected strains
  • Free effect with each order
  • Online enactment squad answers questions


  • Very caller company
  • Free shipping deals don’t use to U.S. buyers

Herbie’s Seeds offers bully deals connected selected strains, aggregate forms of outgo (including Bitcoin and ligament transfer), and champion of all, offers escaped Gorilla Glue Auto seeds with each purchase.

The shipping clip to the US could decidedly beryllium better, but if you’re looking to enactment a caller Spanish cannabis effect slope that’s making a sanction for itself successful the scene, you should decidedly springiness Herbie’s Seeds a try.

5. MJSeeds – Best Weed Seeds Stealth Shipping

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Ships to: Worldwide
Shipping clip to the USA: Ships successful 24 hours, 7-24 days for delivery


  • Guaranteed germination complaint (if you travel instructions)
  • Customer telephone support
  • Established 2009
  • Accepts aggregate outgo options, adjacent currency & wealth order


  • Shipping is somewhat pricey
  • Average discounts

MJ Seeds Canada is 1 of the astir reliable companies and champion stealth shipping options, due to the fact that of discreet packaging and aggregate outgo options.

You could nonstop Bitcoin, Paypal funds, oregon adjacent a money order done the message and get your effect wrong a mates of weeks. Shipping is same-day and faster-than-average, with a dedicated lawsuit enactment line.

The institution has a rotating stealth system, utilizing antithetic “disguises” for seeds, ensuring that your packs are seldom ever confiscated. How exciting!

6. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds – Best Online Seed Banks Reputation

  • Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Ships to: U.S., Canada, U.K., Most of Europe, Australia
  • Shipping clip to the USA: Estimated wrong 31 concern days


  • Free US stealth shipping
  • Established 1996
  • Free seeds with each order
  • Multiple forms of payment, including cryptocurrency & ligament transfer


  • Longer than mean hold time

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is 1 of the oldest companies and 1 of the archetypal effect banks to summation popularity online. AMS is besides 1 of the astir generous companies, giving distant escaped seeds with each order, oregon 3-10 other seeds depending connected however overmuch you spend.

The institution has besides started shipping to Australia again, aft a little hiatus.

Try Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds for the escaped gifts and support coming backmost for its reputable effect slope brand, and from the metropolis that started the full craze. As a omniscient stoner successful a pulpy achromatic suit erstwhile said, “You’ll excavation it the most.”

7. Rocket Seeds – Fastest Delivery for Cannabis Seed Banks

  • Location: The Bronx, NY, USA
  • Ships to: Worldwide
  • Shipping clip to the USA: 5-7 concern days


  • Guaranteed transportation with Registered Tracking
  • Germination guarantee
  • Works with different effect banks to find uncommon items
  • The fastest shipping


  • Not a beardown marque oregon unsocial savings

Rocket Seeds is simply a large spot to find hard-to-find seeds, since the institution works with aggregate sources each implicit the world, including different effect banks. In fact, they often crossover with competitors similar Crop King Seeds, Mary Jane’s Garden, and Sunwest Genetics.

The handshake statement besides means their prices are comparable to those companies and they won’t connection overmuch successful the mode of unsocial discounts. Still, if you privation a institution based successful the United States, and 1 that’s attentive to your unsocial requests, you can’t bash amended oregon bash it faster.

They telephone it Rocket Seeds for a crushed – they person accelerated US shipping.

8. Beaver Seeds – Best Seeds Bank Customer Support

  • Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Ships to: Worldwide
  • Shipping clip to the USA: 7-25 days


  • Free shipping
  • Founded 2009
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • Accepts aggregate forms of outgo (inc. Bitcoin & cash)


  • Not excessively galore discounts

Beaver Seeds is simply a flexible effect slope each around, from their methods of payments, to escaped shipping, and guaranteed delivery, with paid tracking. The germination complaint is guaranteed and each shipping is discreet.

Shipping clip is 7-25 days which means it could beryllium determination rapidly – arsenic the institution implies their delivery clip is amended than average, oregon determination could beryllium instances wherever the bundle is late.

Overall, what we liked astir Beaver Seeds was the lawsuit work telephone line, which is operated 24-7 and is adjacent linked to a US location. When you’re nervously waiting for cannabis seeds to beryllium shipped successful the mail, having lawsuit enactment to talk to is truly helpful.

9. Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Most Popular Cannabis Seeds Packs

  • Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Ships to: Worldwide
  • Shipping clip to the USA: Up to 2 weeks


  • Guaranteed germination, 80% occurrence rate
  • Founded 2013
  • Partners with Canada Grow Supplies for increasing supplies
  • Very potent THC and CBD strains


  • No carnal code provided

Quebec Cannabis Seeds stands by the prime of its seeds with a germination warrant and assurance of adept packaging – the likes of which keeps the seeds caller portion hiding them successful a DVD oregon card, for example.

Shipping clip to the U.S. was besides amended than average, being about 14 days.

The institution sold a fig of bulk & premix packages and packs of 100, which are shipped discreetly and dispersed crossed a fewer packages. The astir absorbing facet is the company’s Limited Edition line, which lets you bargain uncommon marijuana seeds portion they enactment successful supply.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds was founded successful 2013, but inactive claims to person 15 years of acquisition successful marijuana effect retail.

10. Marijuana Seeds NL – Best Free Seeds Deal

  • Location: London, U.K. (surprisingly)
  • Ships to: Worldwide
  • Shipping clip to the USA: 6-25 moving days


  • Started successful 1999, the archetypal online effect bank!
  • Loyalty programme that gives credits backmost for purchases
  • Lower terms than average
  • Good deals connected shipping


  • Stealth shipping costs extra

While Marijuana Seeds NL isn’t the oldest effect slope brand, it is arguably the archetypal palmy marijuana effect bank, and with a sanction that is inactive trusted today.

Though the tract is registered successful The Netherlands, the institution is actually based successful the U.K. Customers tin expect a rewards program, aggregate outgo options (with discounts for Bitcoin and wire transfers), and escaped seeds.

Buyers get 2 escaped feminized seeds with each order, 2 escaped auto-flowering seeds for orders implicit $75, and 4 feminized / 3 car angiosperm seeds for escaped erstwhile spending implicit $140.

You tin besides get escaped basal stealth shipping oregon discounted guaranteed transportation escaped shipping erstwhile ordering packs of seeds. Suffice it to accidental that you’ll person plentifulness of cannabis seeds to spell around.

11. MaryJanesGarden – Easy Way to Order Cannabis Seeds Online

  • Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Ships to: Worldwide
  • Shipping clip to the USA: Same time shipping, 1-3 weeks delivery


  • Guaranteed transportation with tracking
  • Established 2003
  • Only the champion seeds are sent
  • Multiple outgo options including Bitcoin and Paypal


  • No ligament transfers

Mary Jane’s Garden whitethorn look caller but they’ve been selling seeds online since 2003, with a higher than mean 90% palmy transportation rate.

The institution besides boasts astir their highest prime seeds, utilizing the champion accumulation process, and the strictest prime power procedures connected the market.

The institution besides has 1 of the fastest transportation dates for U.S. residents, wrong 3 weeks, but oftentimes within 1 week due to the fact that of the adjacent proximity.

The institution adjacent has an added lawsuit enactment line, truthful you tin ever chat with a squad subordinate if thing happens to spell wrong.

12. Sonoma Seeds – Most Promising New Seeds Bank

  • Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Ships to: Worldwide
  • Shipping clip to the USA: 7-14 days


  • Guaranteed germination
  • Telephone enactment line
  • 500+ strains, a precocious variety
  • Multiple outgo options inc. Bitcoin & cash


  • Pricey shipping
  • Average seeds price
  • New company, founded 2019

Sonoma Seeds is admirable, simply due to the fact that they vessel anywhere, adjacent though they can’t enactment each outgo method. Still, Bitcoin is accepted and adjacent currency done the mail, which means aft outgo is received, you get your seeds wrong 2 weeks.

That’s astir arsenic discreet arsenic you tin get.

Shipping is speedy due to the fact that of the proximity to the US and galore antithetic strains person been collected from each implicit the world. But Sonoma Seeds’ fast shipping to the U.S. is what impressed america the most… a promising institution to watch.

FAQs About Buying Cannabis Seeds
If you’re funny astir the logistics of buying cannabis seeds online, we person answers!

Are determination immoderate weed banks successful the United States?
While galore companies bash look to beryllium a Canadian effect slope store, I Love Growing Marijuana and Rocket Seeds are some based successful the United States and person a estimation for high-quality seeds.

As a result, their shipping to the US tends to beryllium beauteous accelerated (1-2 weeks oregon less).

Is it ineligible to bargain cannabis seeds successful immoderate state?
Being successful possession of cannabis seeds is not illegal, since they could beryllium bought for collectible oregon probe purposes. However, determination are immoderate analyzable national and authorities laws that mightiness effect successful effect confiscation, oregon precise rarely, immoderate ineligible trouble.

Cannabis remains amerciable astatine the national level but ineligible successful a fig of U.S. states. No wonderment each effect banks usage stealth shipping to debar ineligible hassles and confiscation.

What’s the safest mode to wage for weed seeds?
Bitcoin and different cryptocurrencies are the safest mode to pay, since determination would beryllium nary authoritative grounds of you buying it, too records maintained by the cryptocurrency wallet provider.

However, paying by cash oregon money order is besides safe, mostly speaking.

Are online effect banks legit?
Practically each the effect banks we reviewed are legitimate, person large to bully lawsuit reviews, and person been established for a fewer years – oregon successful immoderate cases, implicit 20 years.

Some online effect banks mightiness not beryllium legitimate, but the ones successful this nonfiction are.

Do each reputable effect banks connection planetary shipping?

No, immoderate effect banks person temporarily halted planetary shipping due to the fact that of COVID, portion others take to lone vessel to the U.K., Europe, U.S. Australia, and New Zealand successful bid to debar ineligible problems with countries with stricter cannabis laws.

Always cheque that your cannabis effect slope ships to your state earlier you bargain weed seeds online.

Do each marijuana effect banks person aggregate outgo methods?

No, astir companies instrumentality to recognition cards, Paypal, slope ligament transfers, and different physics funds transportation methods. Cryptocurrency usage is rising, however, arsenic good arsenic currency and wealth orders which are harder to trace.

Discretion is cardinal erstwhile ordering marijuana seeds.

Is it harmless to bid seeds?

Generally yes, it is harmless to bid seeds online from reputable effect banks.

Stealth shipping involves sending seeds wrong assorted “fake items”, similar DVDs oregon Birthday Cards you didn’t order. Some companies perpetually rotate their prime of gifts, successful bid not to alert transportation persons. The online effect slope besides lists an alias sanction erstwhile charging your paper oregon cryptocurrency account.

Sometimes seeds are confiscated, but that’s wherefore astir companies connection a transportation guarantee, with a paid tracking charge. Larger packs whitethorn besides beryllium separated into aggregate packages arriving, since a ample battalion of cookware seeds would beryllium hard to fell successful 1 tiny acquisition item.

Remember you tin besides cheque online reviews of the champion cannabis effect slope brands and which companies excelled astatine safety, shipping time, guaranteed products, and champion of all, the prime of the seeds themselves.

Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online: The Takeaway

Our probe recovered that I Love Growing Marijuana and Crop King Seeds were the champion of the champion weed effect slope stores, due to the fact that of their germination and transportation guarantees, not to notation a wide assortment of disposable strains.

ILGM besides offered immoderate cost-saving deals and gave distant tons of assistance guides to assistance newcomers interruption into DIY marijuana works growing.

Crop King Seeds and Seedsman some had an awesome fig of strains and hard-to-find names for the experienced marijuana seeds connoisseur, with Seedsman boasting 1500+ marijuana strains.

The champion weed effect sites should basal by their accumulation processes. Anyone mightiness beryllium capable to turn marijuana nowadays, acknowledgment to autoflowers and feminized seeds, but not everyone tin bash it right.

We anticipation you find the cleanable effect slope for your needs!

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