Why Steve Addazio believes CSU’s Trey McBride is “the best tight end in the country”

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FORT COLLINS — Colorado State shot manager Steve Addazio did not hesitate to reply a bold question.

Is elder Trey McBride the champion assemblage choky extremity successful the country?

“Yes,” Addazio said. “I don’t accidental that flippantly. Because helium tin bash it all.”

CSU opened its autumn campy Thursday with heightened expectations for Addazio’s archetypal existent play aft COVID-19 cancellations near the Rams with lone 4 games past year. Few players connected the roster bid truthful overmuch attraction arsenic McBride — the versatile 6-foot-4, 260-pound choky extremity who returns to Fort Collins for a 4th season.

“When you speech astir a implicit choky extremity for the adjacent level, that tin get unfastened and drawback the ball, that tin artifact people, is physically pugnacious and (football) is their satellite … that’s the champion choky extremity successful the state close there,” Addazio said.

McBride — a Fort Morgan autochthonal with a brother, Toby, connected the roster — embraces Addazio’s sky-high expectations.

“There are a batch of large choky ends retired there. I’ve inactive got a batch of things to prove,” McBride said. “But I deliberation I tin decidedly beryllium 1 of the apical choky ends successful the state this year. That’s benignant of my goal. There are a batch of things that person to autumn into place. I’m excited to play this play and spot however it goes.”

McBride established himself among the nation’s elite successful a breakout sophomore twelvemonth with 45 catches for 560 yards and 4 touchdowns. His precocious accumulation complaint continued a play agone with 15 yards per reception.

Addazio is arsenic impressed with McBride’s physicality and method arsenic a blocker. However, Addazio said the Rams opened campy connected Thursday with a beardown accent connected their passing game. McBride is simply a large crushed why.

“I cognize (Addazio) wants to propulsion the shot a small spot much and beryllium explosive,” McBride said.

McBride considered entering the NFL Draft aft his inferior twelvemonth but returned to Fort Collins with the tendency to amended his stock. He said the adjacent measurement is knowing “what each azygous idiosyncratic connected the tract is doing” alongside starting backmost Todd Centeio.

“I truly respect (Centeio). He’s a hard-working guy. He’s a winner. He loves football. It’s been great,” McBride said. “Every week, helium has a clump of receivers retired determination throwing with him. … He wants to beryllium the guy. It’s exciting.”

Team vaccination rate. Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson announced past period that shot games volition not beryllium rescheduled and teams volition person a forfeit this play if they are incapable to tract capable players owed to a affirmative COVID-19 trial oregon consequent teammate/staff quarantine. That shouldn’t beryllium a occupation for CSU.

“We person implicit 99% of our squad vaccinated,” Addazio said connected Thursday. “We’re inactive taking each kinds of information measures. We’re not taking thing for granted.”

It does not look that CSU received important pushback from players connected getting the shot.

“I conscionable got vaccinated this past week,” punter Ryan Stonehouse said. “As a team, we’re each benignant of unneurotic successful this. … Which has been bully due to the fact that that tin ruin squad culture. We are capable to person unfastened conversations. The coaching unit hasn’t enactment immoderate unit connected guys. I deliberation it’s their determination to get a changeable truthful they tin spell play this season.”

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