Wide area of Englewood ordered to boil city tap water because of E. coli

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A wide country of Englewood has been placed nether a boil h2o advisory aft prime tests discovered E. coli bacteria successful the city’s h2o system.

Englewood released an alert astir the concern connected Wednesday afternoon. The wide alert was texted to areas beyond the alert zone, including to phones successful Denver, Aurora and Lakewood.

The area nether order, Zone One, is astir southbound of Ruby Hill, westbound of Cherry Hills Village, on U.S. 85, eastbound of Sheridan and northbound of Littleton.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the metropolis collected h2o prime illustration from 24 sites passim the Englwood h2o system. One illustration site, among 24 illustration sites, was recovered to incorporate E. coli bacteria, which tin marque radical sick, particularly those with weakened immune systems.

UPDATE: Residents from crossed the portion were notified of a boil h2o announcement successful Englewood. This announcement lone applies to residents successful Englewood, Colorado, Zone 1. To spot if your code is successful the affected area, delight click the nexus below. https://t.co/NrfQA9A2pD https://t.co/fATpSQuT4j

— City of Englewood CO (@NewsEnglewoodCO) August 4, 2021

People successful Zone One should not portion pat h2o without boiling it first. Englewood is moving with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment connected resolving the situation.

The metropolis is mounting up a h2o organisation halfway astatine the Englewood Civic Center, 1000 Englewood Parkway, which volition beryllium disposable connected Thursday. People with questions tin telephone 303-762-2365.

Englewood hopes to resoluteness the occupation wrong 48 to 72 hours.

Provided by City of Englewood

Englewood issued a boil advisory connected Aug. 4, 2021, due to the fact that E. coli was detected successful h2o successful Zone 1 of the metropolis (pink country connected map).
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