Wildfire closes I-70 between Eagle and Gypsum

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Wildfire closes I-70 betwixt Eagle and Gypsum

A wildfire forced authorities to unopen down Interstate 70 Sunday betwixt Eagle and Gypsum.

The interstate was closed successful some directions astir 4 p.m. due to the fact that beardown winds were pushing the a newly-started wildfire eastbound on the highway, and authorities were seeing erratic occurrence behavior, according to Colorado State Patrol successful Eagle.

It was not instantly wide however agelong the shutdown would past for.

Wildfire betwixt Eagle and Gypsum https://t.co/vrUCmpIDGW

— CSP Eagle (@CSP_Eagle) July 25, 2021

I-70 CLOSED some directions betwixt Eagle and Gypsum for wildfire. Erratic occurrence behaviour with beardown winds pushing occurrence to the eastbound on the interstate.#cotraffic pic.twitter.com/LnsYr0KCD1

— CSP Eagle (@CSP_Eagle) July 25, 2021

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