Would Broncos have interest in Aaron Rodgers at this year’s trade deadline or next offseason?

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Ten thoughts connected the Broncos aft NFL Network reported Monday that backmost Aaron Rodgers has told radical “close to him,” helium plans connected playing for Green Bay this year:

1. Well, it looks similar the Broncos volition person to settee for seeing Rodgers successful Super Bowl 56 (Feb. 13 successful Inglewood, Calif.) alternatively of playing for them. I thought Tuesday was the large time for the Rodgers-Packers marriage. If helium reports for camp, the enactment of connection are unfastened successful Green Bay; if helium is simply a no-show, past he’s superior astir engineering an contiguous move. This news-break should bespeak his plans. As others successful the league person agreed, I didn’t deliberation determination was a accidental Rodgers would (or will) discontinue this year.

2. Ever since connection was presented that Rodgers wanted out, it was a agelong changeable No. 12 would beryllium the Broncos’ No. 1 backmost this year. But it was amusive to speculate, wasn’t it? My strategy was support anticipation live until I saw Rodgers wearing a Packers helmet. My mock connection for Rodgers was 2 first-round picks, receiver Jerry Jeudy, 1 different subordinate and a prime swap (such arsenic the Pack’s second-rounder for the Broncos’ third-rounder).

3. Two scenarios: Would the Broncos beryllium funny successful Rodgers astatine the Nov. 2 commercialized deadline oregon adjacent offseason? In November, if the Broncos are playing well, wherefore shingle up the decks and enactment each of the unit connected Rodgers? If the play isn’t going well, wherefore judge Rodgers tin thrust to the instant rescue?

4. Next March is much complicated. Rodgers volition beryllium 38 and volition presumably person 17-20 games of further mileage connected his body. I would little the terms to 1 first-rounder arsenic a effect … if the Broncos are adjacent interested.

5. Amazingly, Rodgers not being traded to the Broncos volition delight the vocal number who emailed maine this summertime saying Rodgers is “too old” (even though helium won the MVP past year) and “not a large teammate” (how would they cognize that?) and is “injury prone” (hasn’t missed a crippled since ’17). Who knows if Rodgers-Broncos 2021 would person been a success, but it definite arsenic heck would person been fascinating to watch.

6. I person ne'er disquieted astir the wage headdress implications of acquiring Rodgers. He would person looked for a rise — he’s tied for 5th among quarterbacks with an mean wage of $33.5 million. Knowing the headdress volition detonate erstwhile the caller tv woody begins successful 2023, the Broncos could springiness him a large bump with higher basal salaries successful ’23-’24, allowing them to support their halfway players. Plus, Rodgers could service arsenic a Chief Recruiter similar Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, convincing guys to instrumentality a small little to play with him.

7. Assuming a Rodgers to Denver woody won’t happen, what astir Houston backmost Deshaun Watson? He reported to Texans grooming campy to debar regular $50,000 fines that indispensable beryllium enforced according to the corporate bargaining agreement. Watson is taxable to 22 civilian cases and aggregate transgression complaints successful Houston, which I deliberation makes him untouchable to a nine with involvement until determination is clarity connected the cases and his ’21 playing eligibility. The Texans volition privation a commercialized that fills some their draught cupboard and extent chart.

8. When the Broncos statesman full-squad signifier Wednesday, Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater volition vie for the Week 1 starting duty and should beryllium successful bully signifier astir not looking implicit their shoulders toward Rodgers/Watson. One mode the Broncos could rotation this if they want: A twelvemonth ago, Lock was viewed good capable that helium was fixed a accidental to prehend the occupation agelong word and Carolina thought highly capable of Bridgewater to motion him to a three-year, $60 cardinal contract. Agree oregon disagree, that could beryllium their forecast.

9. Lock volition person to beryllium leaps and bounds amended successful camp/preseason to get the motion implicit Bridgewater.

10. A hypothetical: The Broncos conflict (again) offensively and commencement aggregate quarterbacks (again) connected their mode to a sixth consecutive twelvemonth retired of the playoffs. The astute determination would beryllium pooling their assets to determination into the apical 5 (or higher) to draught a backmost and situation him with a getting-more-experience offense. There! I fixed the Broncos!

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